EF3 Artshow Summary

The Artshow was (as far as I'm concerned) a full success, given that it was the first European Furry Artshow :-) We had 62 exhibits, and though the room was a bit large, it was by no means empty (Have a look). 390 DM worth of sales were made, this was surprisingly high in view of the fact that most exhibits were not for sale, I feel certain that we could have sold more pictures, and will do so next year provided we get them.

The Winners of the Artshow Competition were:

1stHusky in HeatJimmy Wagnerexhibited by WhitePelt
2ndJewelchestAntti "Nimbl" Remes(Nimble actually finished this piece at the Con !)
3rdSomle & LutraLutra
4thA Dream Come TrueKyo
6thKai SilvermaneKai Silvermane (Jens Ramsey)
6thKathyLance Rundexhibited by WhitePelt
9thLove LetterGenesis Eve Cookexhibited by WhitePelt
11thEmerald & M'RanUnci (Tobias Köhler)
11thOtter KnightLutra

I wish to congratulate the winners, and thank all the participants and visitors.

Due to my decision to encourage submissions by lowering the hanging fee for pieces for sale to 0.50 DM, the artshow only took in 21.50 DM in fees, but hey, I wasn't out to make big bucks anyhow ;-)

I've learned quite a bit about the process of conducting the artshow, and plan to either host the EF4 Artshow, or at least pass on my knowledge to the next Artshow Director. See you at EF4 (I hope),

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