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This Page resulted from a search I made in the World Wide Web Yellow Pages. It was so useful I copied it to my pages.

Book Stacks Unlimited

Keywords: book stores, books

Books. Books. Books. Over 240,000 books are available for users to browse for and buy online. The Book Stacks server allows searches by author, title, subject, keyword, or ISBN, Details: Shopping or Ads, Uses Forms, Costs Money

Alpha Books

Keywords: books, book publishers, computer books

Alpha Books publishes the Complete Idiot's Guide series of computer books. Its page provides prod-uct information and pointers to reference services. Details: Uses forms, Shopping or ads.

Macmillan Computer Publishing

Keywords: books, publishers, computer books

Macmillan offers this gateway to the many outstanding computer books it publishes each year. Titles from Que, SAMS, New Riders, Alpha, Brady, and Hayden are available. As you would peruse books in the store, you can review sample chapters of current computer books from this server, and then you can order the book online. There are also helpful resource articles available on hardware and software, as well as software for download. Details: Shopping or ads.

Keywords: electronic books, books, literature

If you're looking for a good book to read, this server contains an index of Internet servers that offer electronic books.

Online Illustrated Children's Book

Keywords: books, children's books, online books

This is an online illustrated children's book. The story is about a young child who wakes up before his parents and watches the city of Jerusalem wake up. Suitable for children ages 3 to 7.

Books Online

Keywords: books, electronic media

This web site contains hundreds of full-text online books, including many classics such as Anna Karenina and The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. It also has links to other book resources and has a searchable index.

Roswell Cyberspace Computer Bookstore

Keywords: computer books, bookstore

This Web site is operated by the Roswell Electronic Computer Bookstore. With over 7,000 titles to choose from, this is a great source for hard-to-find computer books.


Keywords: BradyGAMES, games, computer books

BradyGAMES books contain a combination of strategies, how-to guides, game backgrounds, and valuable "inside" information on the most popular and appealing games today including Mortal Kombat, Kork, and the "Beavis & Butt-Head Cheater's Guide." Users also can find shareware to download and links to other sources. Details: Uses forms, Shopping or ads.

Moe's Books

Keywords: books, art books

Moe is an advertiser on the Internet Book Information Center. His catalogue of books is extensive. African art, rare art monographs, art history, comic art, fine press, religion, Native American art, Oceania art books, pop culture, and psychology are just a few of the twenty or so catalogues available. All are categorized and searchable. If Moe has anything you want, his e-mail address is listed. Details: Shopping or ads.

Penguin Putnam Inc Online

Keywords: Publishing, Books

"A room without books is as a body without a soul."-Cato Come get some soul food at the Penguin Putnam Inc Online site, where you can get excerpts from the latest print, audio, and multimedia titles, browse several Penguin catalogs, and more. The electronic library for every civilized person.

Jason Aronson Publishers

Keywords: books, psychotherapy, Judaism

Jason Aronson is a leading publisher in the fields of psychotherapy and Judaica. At this site, an extensive online catalog of books is offered.

The MIT Press

Keywords: news, engineering, books

This is your source for all MIT Press books in print. Search for your selection by subject or title.

Virtual Book Shop

Keywords: rare books, first editions

From this site users can search for and buy rare, first edition, antiquarian, and collectible books from booksellers all over the world. The search function available from here includes keywords and authors. Details: Shopping or Ads, Uses Forms, Costs Money


World-Wide Collector's Digest

Keywords: collecting, trade card, comic books

This server is a gateway to information and links about collectables of all kinds. Users will find dealers and display ads for trading cards, comic books, memorabilia, and pog manufacturers. Links to professional sports schedules and archives, sports standings, product releases, professional team listings, hall of fame listings, and much more are also available from this site. Details: Shopping or Ads, Uses Forms

Future Fantasy Bookstore

Keywords: bookstores, books, science fiction

The Future Fantasy Bookstore specializes in fantasy, horror, science fiction, and mystery books. Users can browse for titles, get samples of new material, and look at exotic cover art.

The Internet Mall

Keywords: shopping

A commercial Net enterprise with several dozen "stores" selling media items, personal items, computer wares, books, and various services. Details: Shopping or ads.

Asimov, Isaac

Keywords: science writing, books, authors, literature

You will find voluminous information about Isaac Asimov, including scholarly comments about the author's work, sound files, a list of his books, links to other Asimov-related material, and even instructions on how to pronounce the author's name.

The MIT Press Online Catalogs

Keywords: academia, books, publishing technology

This Web resource maintains a searchable index of books published in the years 1993 to 1994, as well as current journals covering computational and cognitive sciences, architecture, photography, art and literary theory, economics, environmental science, and linguistics.

Internet Book Information Center

Keywords: literature, books, authors

For book lovers, this server contains a hypertext index for books available on the Internet. You will find directories, departments, and features for a wealth of Internet resources related to books. There are meditations on topics such as vulgarity, clear thinking, and the moment of death by great authors like Lincoln, Burgess, and Sandburg. Directories for searches include Authors, Booksellers, Libraries, Online Books and Magazines, Reference Shelf, and World Literature. Details: Shopping or ads.

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