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Just a few things I thought it best to put here, not elsewhere. Enjoy, but don't complain, you knew what you were getting into when you came here.

Adult content beyond, this is your last chance to turn back.

Please do NOT put public links to this page on non-adult pages, please point to my Treasure Chest of assorted Furryness instead.

Adults only Furry Artists

Brian Harp
Sean Wilkinson
Reed Waller (Co-Creator of Omaha)
Knechtschaft Studios (Pelzig)
Monty Mostly unreadable Japanese Text, except for the links, but the pictures show some of the most realistic looking fur I've seen in years (well, outside of photos that is :-) That guy can DRAW!
Ollie Canal
Tim O'Rourke
ANIMAL-ANIMA by Silver-Fish
Dr. Comet's Kemono Island
Team Shuffle by Trump
Yummmies in the Candy Store by Sydney

Furotic Stories

Adult Furry Stories on my Index of Anthro' stories.
Mephit Mania! by Sarah Skunkie

Furry Kinks

Vor-Com A site dealing with Vorarephilia
Fatastic Furry Fantasies A site dealing with fat and eating
Furry Stories dealing with various Kinks on my Index of Anthro' stories.

Furry Artists Adult subsections

Ken Sample's MACROFURRY pages
Jeremy "Wolf" Kidd
Gingers Furotic Art
The Werewolf
Rags' Page of Furry Chaos
Brian O'Connel See also some other Brian O'Connel Stuff.
Jerry Collins
Floyd Yancey

Picture Collections

Furplay Central This one is free, but you'll have to contact the maintainer for the Password.
Raul's Yiffy females Only slightly furry, but I wish I could DRAW like that!
The magician's Picture menu Centauresses, Elfquest, Furry, X-File and Anime Erotica.
Melanie Klegerman's Erotic Elves are cute, even if not strictly furry.
WhiteFire's Art
Furry Pleasures

And even a furotic Comic Strip

TicToc (and it's intelligent too ! Wow)

Things found laying around on the net

Minerva having Fun
Barney having Fun
Minerva having MORE Fun

Related but NonFurry

Hentai Anime/Manga

Mulchi's Erotic Manga & Anime Page
Sitomi's Nude Gallery
Free Thought Hentai Links
Big Fire Hentai Anime Archive
Anime Turnpike Hentai Subsection
Free Hentai Anime Collection
Juan's Hentai Workshop and check his Visual Workshop also.
Toybox Online!
Adult Anime & Naked Toons Archive This one's not for Free.


Carlos Cartagena or try Pin-up mall
Janesko's Art
Yahoo's Adult Fiction Section

Kinks and Quirks

Mostly here for entertainment value, but I do SO like weird but harmless people ;-)

The Autophile Home Page
Mannequin Lover's Homepage
Mnemora and Arial's Happy Fun Page!


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