Miavir's List of Fursons

This actually started life as my Furry Person hotlist. Since it might help someone, here it is.

Elf Sternberg Author of the Journal Entries, IMHO the best story collection available :-)
Foxy's Page of Immoral Pleasures
PeterCat's Furry Info Page
Brian Antoine's HomePage Some interesting stuff, and some of the best stories available on the net. And he even has a link to this page :-)
Furr (Balls not Included) (Julie Rampke about writing Furry Stories)
Cheetah's Private Dimension (Currently awaiting a redesign)
Kitsuné's Den
Captain Packrat
Revar & Foxen
Werewolves in Suburbia
Dusty Rancourt
Khatika-Fox Enterprises
The Godess Lothie as seen on Usenet and other place. <Purrrrrr>
Catherine Sundnes
Chandrashekar (under construction)
Shalian's furry cave
Colm McSky
Jurann Foxtail


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