Miscellaneous, Beware, Here there be Dragons

Uncharitable Readers would call this place the Junkheap :-)
About the Communications Decency Act
The Geek Code What kinda Geek are YOU?
The Nine Planets
CIA (I told you there are dragons here !)
The White House And there are even more here.
Beth's House *Not* a dragon :-)
Mad Scientist Page
Traversable Wormholes (Or how to get there fast with a lot of Handwaving at the known laws of physics.)
Various Maps (Need a Map of the World? Look here)
ILR - Available GIS Data (Even more maps of all sorts)
The Rainbow Connection (Romance over the Net, Why not ?)
The Theme Park A few Riddles anyone ? Go to the Sphinx.

Writing HTML
The World-Wide Web Including Specs for HTML, HTTP, A style Guide and other stuff in raw masses, this is certainly the Mother of all Web Sites.
A Beginner's Guide to HTML
A Beginner's Guide to URL's
A HTML Style Guide (Composing Good HTML)
The HTML Terrorist's Handbook (Composing Evil HTML)
Style Guide for online hypertext at the W3C
Web Pages that Suck A few more hints on how NOT to design HTML.
Netscape's Creating Sites Page, including their HTML Extensions
Validating HTML pages
Horizontal Rule Graphics
Icons and Image Bazaar (for Use in HTML Documents)
Icon Browser (with search engine)
The Webmaster's Animated Gif Library

Sebastian Rahtz's TeX Links
Comprehensive TeX Archive Network (CTAN)
(La)Tex navigator
The LaTeX2HTML Translator

Commercial Stuff
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory The people who can *REALLY* make them fly.
Silicon Surf Europe Mirror
Silicon Surf
Commercial Sites on the Web
Riddler Game
The Sybian Page
Time Warner's pathfinder network
The List of Internet Service Providers.
Escom The people Trying to bring the best Computer ever back to life, ... and failing miserably IMHO .
The Prostitution FAQ ;-)

General Links, Cool Stuff
Special Internet Connections
The Lycos Home Page: Hunting WWW Information
Inter-Links an Internet navigator, resource locator, and tutorial
Planet Earth Virtual Library
Ulrike's Parents need help.
The Millenial Project They have a good idea,... but are a bit too optimistic about it IMHO.

Stupidity "Above and beyond the call of duty"
The Darwin Awards
Poison Pentium
Idiots at a Taste of couse.


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