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When you start seriously looking at other fandoms, you'll find out the problem exists in all of them. It seems to stick out more due to furry fandom's rather smallish size. In much larger fandoms, it's easier to avoid because you can physicly distance yourself from any of the "naughty" stuff...

The real problem here is the near-paranoid behaviour WRT "sex"-- People are scared of anything sexual, so they gotta tear everything down so they don't have to deal with it...

It's interesting seeing just how much blame can be spread on anyone who is different to demonstrate the problems perceived in furry fandom without even realising that every single fandom has its seedy side, and you'll find every specific fandom deriding every other specific fandom just because they don't like a certain element... Isn't it interesting, though, that within furry fandom, there are fans who want to sneer down at other, smaller ancillary fandoms who hold their own equivalents of "furry parties" at furry cons, while doing the same thing themselves at SF&F cons...?

SF fan:
"Why are those... `furries'... at our con?"
Furry fan:
"Why are those... `plushophiles'... at our con? When's the next furry party?"

And since Mr. Chandler saw fit to point out the weirdos who aren't furry that show up at furry cons (they really show up at just about every con, I might add) and pointedly state these wankers as being "gay"... There aren't any hetero weirdos, right? Bleah....

Or what about the non-furries who come to the furry cons? Does this mean we can't bring along our loved ones anymore because they aren't furry? And isn't this the same crowd that wants as much of a public image as possible? Feh....

And what about inappropriate behaviour at the furry cons? Well, such nuisances are common in all of the cons, and the best way to handle it is as suggested: Post a "rules of Conduct" list in the con books and at the con itself.

Now, what about the sexual content in furry art? Well, since anything sexual, no matter how benign, causes some to panic, no matter how little there is, it sticks out and those who are bothered by the slightest immediately conclude the con's a sexfest, I guess we oughtta ban all sexual content so we can try to gain that unattainable "squeaky clean" image, and to do that, we'll have to ban all images in which said furry appears as a specific gender! Any sign of breasts, even under a sweater- BANNED! No bows in the hair, no hair ala humans... After all, any depictions of animals with human traits must mean we're interested in bestiality, right?

Get a reality check, pal!

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but NAMES will never hurt me!"

This crowd needs to learn that, and FAST!

Worried about being called a "skunkfucker" because you like furries? Get over it and get on with your life! If you let any derision from outside furry fandom get to you, then you're no better than what those know-nothings call you- YOU LET THEM WIN!

Instead of focusing on what's wrong with furry fandom and finding segments of the fandom you don't like, making them scapegoats or banning them altogether, why not find something RIGHT about furry fandom, like an old song from the 40's: "AC-CEN-TU-ATE the Positive"...

As many here said, this is a fandom about ANTHROPOMORPHICS, and while not everyone likes furotica, or the Cabaret, or whatever, these are elements of furry fandom, just maybe not ones you're interested in. If you don't like that, that's fine, but excluding others who do is not fine. Such devisiveness will do nothing more than tear down furry fandom until there is nothing left, and it's this very devisiveness that's driving furry fans away, regardless of their bents. What's the point of being a furry fan if you like furries but because you also happen to like furotica, or you have a particular lifestyle that others don't like and what you removed from that fandom "just because".... Who wants to be in a fandom that doesn't want you? What the hell is the point of being a furry fan?

Repeat after me: "Furry fandom is about ANTHROPOMORPHICS." Just because somebody's idea of furry fandom is different from your own, there is no reason to exclude them, right?

There are gay furry fans who like furries.
There are furry fans that like erotica.
There are furry fans who like guns.
There are furry fans who like Disney.
There are furry fans who don't like erotica.
There are furry fans who don't like guns.
There are furry fans who don't like Disney.
There are furry fans who don't like gays.

There are furry fans, PERIOD.

Which furry fandom do you want? Me, I'd rather have the last one, because I still believe there's room for all of us, and we're only hurting ourselves if we hurt each other....

For God's sake, furry fandom is still growing, with new fans interested in either sexual or non-sexual stuff, in spite of the perceived problems!

Stop worrying about what other fan groups have to say about us furries and enjoy furries in your own way!

You want a positive example? Then stop with the negativism-- Negativism begats negativism, you know....

One of the reasons I decided to leave alt.fan.furry is because of all the bullshit that gets posted here, specificly all the hatred against anyone with different tastes. This is a problem that appears to be specific to alt.fan.furry, because it seems just about everyone here wants to bemoan about all the problems of being a furry fan, and not actually being furry fans! Where's the fun here? Very rarely are there silly threads (yes, I know there's one going now, but in the nearly 4 years I've been reading a.f.f., silliness is a rarity)? Sure, there's furrytalk going on here, but it immediately gets drowned out by flamewars... I've gotten so disgusted with the rancid behaviour here that I had decided I was not going to be a regular participant anymore-- After all, at least two people believe being a regular poster devalues the worth of one's posts! I mean, why should I bother? Why shouldn't I just say to hell with everyone in this newsgroup?

The reason I'm not on the MU*s is because I'm not that good in live chat, and I prefer a message-based forum like newsgroups... When someone thought of starting a mailing list for furtalk, I balked at the idea because it would be devisive. I've since rethought the matter, and think furry fandom needs a new, separate general forum, one that is fun and free of the rampant negativism of alt.fan.furry. Frankly, as far as I'm concerned, alt.fan.furry can go to hell, because this has NOT been a fun place, and it alone has made me ashamed of being involved in furry fandom!

You wanna know what I think is furry fandom's biggest blight, IMO? You're reading it right now: alt.fan.furry! THIS is the cesspool of furry fandom right here!

Until it's worth being here, I'm outta here for good, and I hope someone, somewhere, sets up an alternativbe furry forum on the Internet that I would feel good about belonging in, and that isn't here....

I'll be elsewhere on the 'net if you want to reach me- I'm not leaving the 'net just yet!

Good bye!

(A furry fan, but no longer going to bother with a.f.f....)

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