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Errors and Problems

Warning: This site is currently being updated slowly. Read this page to find out why.

Ok, it seems you've found a problem, located an error or something. What you need to realize is that this site is NOT an archive, instead it contains links to the various furry archives. So, first, take a look at the URL of the page you found the error on. If it doesn't begin with http://furry.de/miavir/stories , it's not a page owned or maintained by me, Miavir, and there is no point in telling me about it, you need to find the person in charge of the site in question and talk to them.

In particular, because of above situation, I don't have these stories on file at my own site, and so cannot e-mail them to you either, asking me to is a waste of your time. If you need them e-mailed, I suggest you e-mail the author(s) of the story, or the siteadmin of the ftp server they are on, they might be able to oblige you.

Second, you need to determine the probable cause of the error or problem. For one, WinZip seems to have problem with some zipped files, or so I've been told. Since I can unzip and view the pages in question with no problem, this problem is WinZip's fault, I can do nothing about it. For another, such things as 'Disk Full' tend to suggest that the problem is at YOUR site, not mine, again, complaining to me won't help you in any way. If the file looks like gibberish to you (and especially if it's URL end in something like .Z, .gz, .lha), you're looking at a file compressed for storage, have a look at the Compression FAQ for hints on how to unpack it.

Third, some sites will sometimes be off-line due to things beyond my control. If you can't contact some site I have links to, wait a few hours, and try again, keep doing this for a few days (or weeks) before you tell me about it, likely all I can do is remove the pointer anyhow. Be patient.

Fourth, check the list of known problems appended to this page. Don't bother telling me about those.

Finally, if you're still sure I'm at fault and can do something about it, please e-mail me about it, stating the exact problem, on which page you encountered it, and what you think needs to be done to fix it (if you know). The more details you can give, the quicker I'll be able to remove the problem. If you're simply reporting trouble with a server please also state how long/often you've tried to raise it. Oh, and saying you read this page first might save you getting mail from me saying to do just that :-)



Known problems

Furry Pleasures is back, but has changed file tree structure, so it'll be a while until I can finish traceing every link and correct them. For now, you'll have to live with some links being slightly off.

The site ftp.furry.com seems not to be running an anonymous ftp anymore, I will have to see about that.

FurNation is back, but it's Avatar archive is gone. I don't know why or what the background is, nor when it'll be back, if ever.

artists.transfur.com is gone. I don't know why or when it'll be back, if ever.

artists.tranfur.com is gone. I don't know why or when it'll be back, if ever.

ftp.furry.org is still there, but not accepting ftp requests. I have no idea what's up.

Some people have been haveing trouble with the story pages since I put them into mourning. I know for certain by now that at least the Internet Explorer browser in its 3.02 version has this problem. I suspect this has to do with a change I also made at that time, namely I put up a centralized CSS Style sheet, and that seems to be confusing some browsers, in particular, some people say they're seeing text overlaying text or problems with invisible pages. Since I'm having no problem viewing my own pages (obviously, or it would have been fixed ;-) please specify the browser you are using when telling me about such problems (name and version), and also try turning off style sheet support and see if it works then. For reference, here is a version of this page WITH the CSS stylesheet enabled (This page has it disabled). Also, have a look at the lost stories page without CSS.

Note, to toggle stylesheet support under netscape 4 and higher (lower versions don't have that feature, so should have no problems provided they implemented the HTML standard correctly), go to the 'Preferences' entry in the 'Edit' menu, click on 'Advanced' in the window that appears, then on the small button beside 'Enable Style Sheets'. For Internet Exploder, this hint has reached me: Go to the windows control panel, "internet" icon, there's *A* setting related to style sheets under "Accessibility" at the bottom of the "general" tab ("User style sheet"), and if your version is just too old to have the right switches, try the View menu, choose Options; then Advanced; then clear the box for Style Sheets, and close the Options dialog box.

Other browsers may or may not allow you to do something similar, I have no idea, but if you succeed, drop me a line on how you did it so I can mention it here.

It seems that Microsofts incredibly fine piece of software also fails to correctly show the search page, in fact it refused to function correctly any more after I just viewed the page myself from work. Unfortunately, getting it to work correctly is going to take a while as I can only use MSIE from work, but only change the pages from home. Please bear with me, I'm trying to make it work in SPITE of the errors in the Internet Exploder.

It's not a story site, but I've been asked by a few furs what's up with Yiffco. As far as I was able to ascertain (and bear in mind this is second hand info gleaned from friends and aquaintances on FurryMuck, as well as furs who e-mailed me in response to this page), somebody managed to use the info that Yiffco Index provided to harass one artist severely. Lycan didn't like this, wrote a scathing letter about the conduct of some fans on his site, left it up for a week, then took YiffCo offline permanently. I am sad to hear that this happened, and will remember Lycan fondly for the very nice service he provided in the form of the YiffCo database. I have only scorn for those who caused it's demise, by their actions they've removed something of value from all of us in Furrydom. I will mourn it's passing, and remember it's greatness, and hope somebody will step into Lycan's footsteps to revive another service like it. Hell, I'd do it myself if this Index didn't keep me busy-busy-busy enough by itself.

The Mirror site's server at www.fanarchive.net is registered both with RSACi and SafeSurf as being wholy adult (probably correctly, after all, the Index makes out only a small percentage of www.fanarchive.net's services), thus if your browser is set to deny access to such you might not be able to reach the mirror, only the main site.

There are some stories/authors that I'm looking for info about, as their original URL's seem to have expired, to see the list, have a look at the lost stories page.


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