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Welcome to Sociopolitical Ramifications!

A lot of furries have left their paw prints here since 9 july 1997.

SPR is history!

A friendly welcome to all furries! Relax and have fun with your furry friends all over the world in a vast virtual world full of the wonders of nature and technology. Have fun and come together in our world, which exists in a computer, on the text screens and in the imagination of all its users.

Sociopolitical Ramifications was intended to be a world like this, and for a long time came close to the ideal.

The MUD Connector Sociopolitical Ramifications has been elected MUD of the Month September 1998 by The MUD Connector.

Today, unfortunately, this ideal cannot be upheld. Read the history page to see how things went ....

It is not easy to get reliable information about the situation on SPR today. In 1999, the fights between wizards became worse, and some wizards acted on their own against players. As a consequence, a number of good players and wizards have left SPR.

In 2001, the news are inconsistent and contradictory. Some say that things have improved, that after a number of reorganizations, wizards are cooperating again and things are in order. Quoted from Snout:

There's finally been a cleanup now, there are only 8 wizzes in total, left. Much better than the 30 we had two years ago, of which 20 were hundreds of days idle, or useless. It became much better after the wiz core got slimmed down. Fewer people that could argue. :)

Others warn that some things still have not improved. One example is this logfile of Sorsha's @toading. It came surprising, without being clear about what rules were broken. So those playing on SPR should be aware that there is some chance of their character getting eradicated suddenly without explanation. To be prepared for such situations, it is a good idea to @archive your belongings - see below.

Another problem is the unsolved question of player copyrights. When a player leaves for whatever reason, voluntarily or not, the player apparently cannot always decide what should happen with what she or he created on SPR. I (unci) created many areas of SPR: the Kamiyama mountains, the way north towards the arctic, the connection south to the savannah, the art gallery and the station in the city, the train system. Before I left, I erased my personal areas, but I heard from other players that they were still there. Other players report similar things: instead of being purged, their belongings were taken from their property, to the ownership of someone else, leaving them out of control.

If you want to try it out yourself, here is the address:

spr.ctrl-c.liu.se 23

Now the best suggestions seems to be: Move out of SPR and install your areas in another MUCK. As one of SPR's founding wizards who had a lot of influence on what its world looks like, it is not easy to give this suggestion, but even the best world can be destroyed by abusive wizards, so go before it is too late and save your areas while you still can!

Archiving your creations

There is a way to save your belongings - the @archive program. You need a MUCK client that can log output to a file.
  1. First save yourself. Start a logfile and type:
    @archive me
    You will get a lot of output, containing all your properties and the commands to create the objects you are holding.
  2. To save your areas, first make sure that they are all under a common parent room, or if this is not the case, make a different @archive for each of your parent rooms. Go to the parent room and type:
    @archive here
    You will get even more output. Close your logfile again and, if you have other areas with their parent rooms, go there and repeat the procedure.
  3. Don't forget any rooms not under your parent rooms. To get a list of all your rooms, type:
    @owned =r=location
    and, if you find any rooms not under your parent room, go there and type
    @archive here
  4. Time to look at things! To see which things you own, type:
    @owned =t=location
    For each thing in rooms not owned by you, you have to teleport it to yourself if you want to archive it. Remember the database number (dbref) and type:
    @tel #dbref=me
  5. If you have any MUF programs, you can just @list them and capture the listing to a logfile.
  6. And you're done.
If you want to leave the MUCK, and make sure that your belongings will not be used by others when you are gone, you can delete them before you submit a @toad request:
@purge me=yes
The purge will need some time.

You can now leave the MUCK. Submit a first @toad request to a wizard of your choice, then, 48 h again, another one.

Alternatives for roleplayers

SPR is a general interest MUCK. A number of furries have been under the impression that there is a deficency of roleplaying. So, roleplayers might be happier in a different world.

It is always worth to look at Rhal's furry MU*s page, which has detailed descriptions for a number of MUCKs. I would just like to warn you not to go to FurToonia, which since a long time has been infamous for regular wizardly abuse (one of the reasons why SPR was created).

When choosing a new world, it is important to take a close look at it first, and see whether you would fit into the theme. Some MUCKs are more strictly themed than others, and each has its own distinctive flavour.

One example of a themed MUCK is Furscape, a multiplanetary world with no building quotas and a diverse enough theme that almost all areas can find a home there. First check out the WWW page to read more about the theme, a realistic world of recoms and aliens (no humans) in the universe around the year 2200. The character guide can help you to set up your character according to the theme. (The possibility of creating new alien worlds still allows a wide variety of new species, but those should be well-described to allow other furries to play such alien species as well and integrate into their societies.)

Go there and look around as a guest, get a character once you feel ready, and set it up (either using editplayer or by uploading the @archive file you made earlier of yourself, if the character concept already fits in). New areas for roleplaying - be they nature, urban, industrial or space-based - are always welcome, within the level of realism set by the theme. For suggestions where to place your area, e-mail me, unci, with a short description. I could also take a look at your logfile then (but please don't send them without announcement).

You might want to rework your logfile before reuploading it, especially for properties that refer to programs. Most programs, or equivalents of them, also exist on Furscape. Best make sure that your logfile works before you upload it all.

Differences between SPR and Furscape

SPR has a central planet, a space area (which is run like a private area, actually) and a few outer space planets/moons, but the life focuses mainly on the central planet (perhaps because of the strange non-public way space is run: some furries are banned from space, what an oxymoron!).

Furscape, on the other paw, is a multiplanetary world. Players currently start up on the moon of around 2200, but can choose to live anywhere in a number of worlds. Annyrion is currently a planet with quite some similarities to SPR - some of its best areas have been improved and imported there, and if you have a nice outdoor area, it would certainly be welcome there.

The main difference is perhaps that Furscape has a strong focus on (free) roleplaying, rather than just sitting together and chatting. As a consequence, the various adult-oriented places where furries tend to congregate on SPR don't have an equivalent on Furscape - players have something better to do. Furscape does not look for sex places that have run into trouble elsewhere - as furries are not likely to be as bored as elsewhere, we don't need such places there. What you do in private is up to you, but it would be best if you come to Furscape and intend to roleplay.

You can use it for OOC conversation as well, you can do whatever you like while you are in private, but the general rule for public areas is that in-character, in-theme interaction is preferred. "Realm rules", detailing the desired level of IC/OOC and sub-theme information in each area, are another speciality of Furscape.

As another difference, Furscape has a "no humans" rule. Humans are extinct since long, only recoms and aliens exist on Furscape.

Unfortunately, some Furscape members seem to have a fear of the "twinks of SPR". It is up to you to prove them wrong and to demonstrate you are better than SPR's reputation, that you are willing and able to bring new life into Furscape!

Go barepawed now! surf.to/my.site

This page is maintained by unci. Any comments and additions are welcome, please send e-mail to unci@furry.de.

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Have fun in Sociopolitical Ramifications!

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