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Sociopolitical Ramifications

Sociopolitical Ramifications: an example of sudden @toading

Sorsha sent me this log file of SPR. After a longish page conversation with a number of furries, which doesn't relate in any way to what happened then, a wizard shows up ....
Rath has connected.
Benjamin knocknocks. [to you from afar]
Benjamin has arrived.
"Slow night," rumblepurrs Benjamin, "eh?"
Rath charks, "Slow?"
Rath charks, "idly anyway"
Rathie pokes at Sorsha
Rath charks, "more idly than me even"
Benjamin hrrs and nods. "Indeed. Heheh."
You say, "ok ben what did i do know, did i get someones knickers in a knot?"
Sorsha bites Raths neck
Benjamin smirks. "Well, since the banning of you from the @shout channels, the wiz staff has been talking about you."
Rathie errfs
Sorsha rolls her eyes, "Yeah so?"
"I just thought I'd warn you about your @toading before actually doing so. There is such thing as politeness, you know." rumblepurrs Benjamin.
You say, "wait, your going to @toad me for just standing here?"
You say, "considering the other night i thought i was doing everyone a favor for offing that annoying little git on the @shout channel, and you well know what i did wasnt up to my usual exspectations and i only did it once, and i never got a warning before you banned me"
"No, it's because our records on you are longer than a wiz's arm." rumblepurrs Benjamin, "We've discussed the matter of your behavior, come to the conclusion that you have no interest in being anything less than insulting to furs, and will be @toading you for your bad behavior and poor attitude here."
Rath charks, "what?"
Rath charks, "this is the first i've heard of any of this"
Benjamin rumblepurrs, "You're not a wizard, Rath."
You say, "i cant harm anyone where i just sit in his house right here, only talking to my friends"
You say, "now, if i rarely venture out of Raths house, to go to the park, its about once a month, and i dont page random furs to harrass them"
Benjamin rumblepurrs, "You know very well that this was a long time coming."
Rath charks, "i think you ought to give people a warning first anyway"
Benjamin rumblepurrs, "She's gotten plenty of warnings for her behavior, Rath."
You have been turned into a toad.
When I read this, it seemed to me like a badly written surreal/absurd tragedy.

But it is the truth. From the reports of others (and also from my own experience as a wizard), @toadings without warnings have repeatedly happened on SPR. Typically a wizard would have a personal disagreement with a player, then convince the other wizards how evil this player is, and (even if wizards are opposing it), @toad the player on his own.

This could happen to you as well, so consider yourself warned. As there are no wizardly warnings before @toadings, I can only give a general warning: Everyfurry can be @toaded for whatever reason if a wizard decides so, without further warning. If you don't like this, your only chance is to leave the MUCK on your own before you are forced out.

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