Books and Stories Galore

Let's face it, I spend 90% of my waking day reading something or other. A few things I've found helpful in locating even more reading matter have been collected here.

The Speculative Fiction Clearing House
The WorldWideWeb Virtual Library: Literature
SCI-Finder The dedicated Science Fiction & Fantasy Search Engine
The Temple of Azpiazu
Books On-line: Authors A collection of PD Etexts. Indexes Project Gutenberg and several others.
Mid Georgia SF & F index
John White's Archives of Anthropos


Comercial Sites

(No, they aren't paying me to put them here, I should be so lucky !
Future Fantasy Home Page
Tor SF and Fantasy (Lots of Graphics via a slow link. Ewww)
The Internet Bookshop The largest on-line Bookshop in the World (or so THEY say)
Book Stacks Unlimited, Inc. Your local bookstore. No matter where you live.
Book related sites Even more sites.
Bibliofind A Site for buying and selling Old, Used and Rare Books. An internet bookstore that I can praise in only the highest of terms from personal experience.
Powell's Books
Pulpless Books

Specific Authors

Valdemar's Heartstone (Mercedes Lackey)
Mercedes Lackey Index
Katherine Kerr
Guardians of the Orb A David Eddings Webring. Or try The Unofficial Homepage of David Eddings
Robert A. Heinlein Only the best Author of this Planet, bar none :-) IMHO of course. There's even a FAQ about him.
Lisanne Norman Writer of the 'Sholan Alliance' series of books.
Daniel Keys Moran
Shirley Rousseau Murphy


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Somerville Stories
Travels with Samantha Table of Contents


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