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   Author:Gregg Abbott

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My stories tend towards realism and serious science fiction. If you like Star Trek, and novels by authors such as Larry Niven, or C. J. Cherryh, then you should enjoy them.


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The Jaws of the Wolf - AdultM: [OK]
A mugging in 1998 South Central LA leads a young man on an unlikely journey aboard a Zephenidian Hunter ship. Will he find a way to avoid becoming dinner for these lupine aliens?

Content Warning: Extreme Violence.

      Keywords:Violence   SF
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Wolf Pet - Adult
Being kept like an animal by a Zephenidian is no walk in the park.

Content Warning: Violence, non-explicit sex

      Keywords:Violence   SF
Funeral for T'Kahtah - Adult
Having ones luggage returned can bring back unpleasant memories. Especially if these memories involved having been in the middle of a Zephenidian invasion.

Content Warning: Violence, some sex (discussion)

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Redemption - Adult
A drifter and small-time criminal faces his worst nightmare and becomes a pawn where the line between predator and prey becomes blurred. This is my first "yiffy" type story.

Content Warning: Violence, interspecies sex (i.e. so called yiffy content!), rape with intent to kill.

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  •       Keywords:Violence   M/F   NC   Rape

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