Mia's Index of Anthro' Stories

Mia's Index of Anthro' Stories

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For those of you new to this page, Mia's Index of Anthro' Stories is my attempt to keep track of all the anthropomorphic stories on the net. There are other servers that deal with poems, gifs and other furry stuff, I've decided to stick with stories, and be simply the best when it comes to anthro' stories and related material :-). Some of the stories may only be marginally furry, or even just by an author who usually does furry stories.

I have tried to give the stories comments whenever some sort of short description was available, or I had recently read that story, however this was not always the case. Anyone wishing to may send me a summary of any story indexed in this collection that doesn't have one yet, and I will add it, along with credits. Where no credit nor my name is given, comments either came with the story in question, or were supplied by the author to me (hint, hint).

Where possible I've added the string 'Adult' to any stories containing anything particularly yiffy or violent or having any other adult matter in it, but since I haven't had time to read each and every story in here (and I'm getting further behind every day), you may find some that haven't been marked accordingly yet. Just drop us an e-mail about it, and I'll fix it.

If you're looking for graphics instead of text, I suggest you look at the FurNation Archive, or any of the links found on my homepage.

Some of the files are compressed using various compression methods, if you're unable to unpack some file you find on this index, or they look like gibberish when you get them, have a look at the Compression FAQ. Note for the non computer-addicts: You may recognize these by their extensions, .html, .txt, and .doc tend to signify plain text, .Z, .gz, .lha, and scores of others indicate compressed, for more details see that FAQ.

If you're having trouble getting a file, read this page please (Note: Especially have a look if you're using Internet Explorer). If you have some other questions, have a look at the FAQ File for this Site.

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Note: If you know of any Anthro' stories not on this index that are available to WWW, please have a look at the FAQ and then mail us about it. There are several stories in particular we're anxiously looking for. If you link to Mia's, please point at THIS page and not the index pages, and if you wish, use

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If you have comments, suggestions, constructive criticism, spare mice, truffles, or anything else to tell me (the more feedback, the better this collection will become :-) then mail us too.

Destructive criticism, flames, mail-bombs, threats, barneys, please send them here. Meaningless statistics time: These pages now index 2501 stories divided into 4433 files all over the web.


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Mia's Index of Anthro' Stories