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The Hall of Souls - AdultM: [Good]
We often wonder, where does the soul go after one dies? Heaven? Hell? Perhaps some furry souls get stuck in between worlds... Stuck somewhere between life and death... This is the story of Alura, and her yiffy experiences with some of these (un)fortunate souls.
  • The Hall of Souls Part I
  • The Furry Soul Part 1 : The Meeting
  • The Furry Soul Part 2 : The Seduction

  • The Hall of Souls Part II
  • The Furry Soul Part 3 : The Vines
  • The Furry Soul Part 4 : A New Victim

  • The Furry Soul Part 5 : Capture and Release
  • Alura and Fisk Log
  •       Keywords:F/F   Horror   M/F   Mystery   NC   Orgy
     Species:Feline   Wolf   Plant   Snow Leopard
    The Furry Dreamer - Adult
    This story is still incomplete and is being revised constantly. In its entirety it'll be about 15-20 parts long, including pretty much any subject you can think of, other than 'Teen'. It's romantic story, taken from a dream a friend had, with interesting tidbits thrown in to make it more of an erotic story than just a romance. :)
    Feral - Adult
    Feral is an n/c,m/f, m/m, zoophile teen story *beam* I'm pretty much just trying to push my own limits, here.
  • Part 1 : Kidnapped
  • Part 2 : Stripped
  • Part 3 : Restrained
  • Part 4 : "Meet Jake"
  • Part 5 : Denial
  • Part 6 : Acceptance
  •       Keywords:NC   M/F   M/M   Zoo   Teen
    Delirious - Adult
    This is a story about a vixen who hits sweet 16 whose personality splits into sultry sex pot and perfect angel, in the same body. She's based upon a character that Aspen and I both play on FM on rare occasions. Guess which half I played? >;) 0:)
  • Part 1 : Awakening
  • Part 2 : The Orderly
  •       Keywords:M/F   NC
    A Rose in the Darkness - Adult
    A Rose in the Darkness is a romantic'ish vampire story, mostly revolving around seduction as vampire stories are wont to do ;) It's all finished now, at least this 'chapter' of it, and contains M/F sexual contents.
  • Part 1 : The Rose
  • Part 2 : The Visitor
  • Part 3 : The Corset
  • Part 4 : The Masquerade
  • Part 5 : Vampire
  • Part 6 : A Decision
  •       Keywords:Romance   Gothic   M/F   NC
    Ms. 'Just Call Me Randi' Bunny - Adult
    Ms. 'Just Call Me Randi' Bunny is a story I wrote for a contest. :) Todd Sutherland drew a picture and asked for stories to be entered, so this is my entry :) The story is about two boys whose pubescent dreams come true. ;)
    Illustration #1
  • Basketball Drills
  • Ms. Randi Bunny
  •       Keywords:Graphics   M/F   Orgy   Teen
    S/M Dreams - Adult
    S/M Dreams is a story about a girl who hopes to rise up from the lower levels of Grey existance some day. It explores the intricacies of power exchange in BDSM relationships and has a great deal of F/F content with some M/F thrown in. Definite BDSM themes. It is a part of the basis for a MUCK friends and I have put together called Castle Keep. If you like the story, check out the web page and then apply to join. :)
  • The Summons of Silva Marie
  • Preparation -- Bathing With Emily
  • Silva Marie
  • Revelations
  • The Summons of Richard Shawn Banon
  • Richard Shawn Banon
  •       Keywords:BD   SM   M/F   F/F
    Promises and Desires - Adult
    This story is a commission piece I did for a fur on Tapestries Furry Muck, Alberta. :) I'm happy to say she was pleased with it *beam* It's about a male and a femme, stuck on a space freighter just days from earth and the end of their two year supply run. The twist is, the femme, a tigress-morph, goes into heat unexpectedly, and the only other fur on board, a pony-morph, is already taken by a filly back on Earth. Things get interesting, as you can imagine ;)
  • Prologue
  • Stalked
  • What She Wants
  • Epilogue
  •       Keywords:SF   M/F   NC
     Species:Tiger   Pony

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