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Fifteen Minutes To Showtime
A short story about what Cassie the Rock & Roll Vixen goes through before her first solo performance.
Cassie the Rock & Roll Vixen
 Sequel:Cassie Meets Vixina
      Keywords:Music   Graphics
 Species:Red Fox   Gray Wolf
Cassie Meets Vixina
Cassie the Rock & Roll Vixen goes on a short concert tour after her solo performance for a bunch of record company executives and meets Vixina, a vixen who plays fiddle in a local heavy metal band at one of the cities that her tour stops in.
 Sequel:When You Least Expect It
      Keywords:Music   Graphics
 Species:Red Fox   Otter
When You Least Expect It
After talking Slim into reparing her favorite amp head one more time, Cassie the Rock & Roll Vixen waits outside the theater she's performing at for the limo ride back to her hotel. When the limo arives, she gets an unexpected pleseant surprise.
Laretta 1
Laretta 2
 Sequel:By Dawn's Early Light
      Keywords:Music   Graphics
 Species:Red Fox   Otter   Tiger   Ape
By Dawn's Early Light
The morning after Foxonian's surprise early visit the night before, a personal hurt that Foxonian feels is revealed.
 Sequel:Family Matters
      Keywords:Music   Romance
 Species:Red Fox   Ape
Family Matters
Foxonian is about to leave the hotel for Cassie's last concert of her present tour when another who is close to her shows up unexpectedly.
Illustration for "Family Matters"
 Sequel:The Last Rose of Summer
      Keywords:Music   Graphics
 Species:Red Fox   Ape
The Last Rose of Summer
While relaxing at home after her last tour ended, Cassie gets a call about an old dearly loved friend in bad health. This story is dedicated to the memory of Michael Scott-McMurray.
 Species:Red Fox   Collie   Snow Leopard
The Jester
While in the recording studio, Cassie discovers a new and very talented drummer for her band.
The arctic vixen who's featured in the story.
 Sequel:Radio Waves
      Keywords:Music   Graphics
 Species:Red Fox   Arctic Fox   Collie   Snow Leopard   Wolf   Otter   Deer
Radio Waves
Cassie and her band appears on a radio show at a rock & roll station.
 Sequel:Sound Of Love
 Species:Red Fox   Arctic Fox   Gray Wolf   Snow Leopard   Deer   Coyote   Ape
Sound Of Love
As Alex talks on the phone to her new boyfriend, Cassie tells Laretta how she met Foxonian.
 Sequel:Old Habits
 Species:Red Fox   Arctic Fox   Gray Wolf   Ape
Old Habits
Cindy, Cassie's bassist, deals with an old but serious alcohol problem.
 Sequel:Out of the Past
      Keywords:Music   Graphics
 Species:Red Fox   Snow Leopard   Gray Wolf
Out of the Past
A painful part of Cassie's Band keyboardist Rachel's past is revealed.
 Sequel:Change of Business
 Species:Red Fox   Whitetail Deer   Gray Wolf
Change of Business
Cassie's Band needs to change record labels and a band meeting is called at Cassie's and Foxonian's home to decide what to do.
 Sequel:Better Late Than Never
 Species:Red Fox   Whitetail Deer   Gray Wolf   Ape   Arctic Fox   Snow Leopard
Better Late Than Never
After missing a local 4th of July fireworks display to sign a record deal, Cassie returns home to a wonderful surprise arranged by Foxonian.
 Sequel:What Goes Around Comes Around
 Species:Red Fox   Ape   Otter
What Goes Around Comes Around
Humorous story in which Alex's prankish nature finally catches up with her and she gets a big prank pulled on her for a change.
Learning to Fly
 Sequel:A Friend In Need
 Species:Red Fox   Red Wolf   Arctic Fox
A Friend In Need
Shortly after helping to teach Alex a lesson to cure her prankish nature, Cloudchaser gets an urgent message that his dearly loved sister has been seriously injured in an accident.
Twilight in Paris
Featuring Louve.
 Sequel:Inquiring Minds Want To Know
 Species:Grey Wolf   Red Fox   Red Wolf   German Shepherd   Deer   Ape
Inquiring Minds Want To Know
A private investigator is discovered trying to gather dirt on Cassie's band.
 Sequel:Christmas Time Is Here
 Species:Grey Wolf   Red Fox   Australian Shepherd   Lynx
Christmas Time Is Here
Story for Christmas 2001.
 Sequel:And the Winner Is...
 Species:Red Fox   Arctic Fox   Whitetail Deer   Snow Leopard   Otter   Wolf
And the Winner Is...
Cassie and her band are nominated for the "Best New Artist" category of the Morphy awards, a prestigious awards show for the morphic music industry.
 Sequel:Quality Television
 Species:Red Fox   Arctic Fox   Whitetail Deer   Snow Leopard   Otter   Wolf
Quality Television
Cassie and company's reaction to MTV's "The Osbournes"
 Species:Red Fox   Arctic Fox   Whitetail Deer   Snow Leopard   Otter   Wolf

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