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   Author:Nightcatcher Blackwolf

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Just a fun-loving male werewolf wannabe. Feel free to email me at the address listed above, or contact me on ICQ at 8837719. I'd love to talk to any kindred spirits that might pop up. ;)

I prefer to write werewolf stories; they're more to my tastes. However, I do write stories upon request, werewolf or no, so feel free to ask!


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A Little More Fun At Night - AdultM: [Good]
My first story, written at the suggestion of a good friend on IRC. Katherine O'Connell is a new kid in town. Given a rough day in school, a young man named Adrian Spokane comes to her rescue. Adrian, however, has his own secrets, which Katherine soon discovers. And so begins a deep relationship... Has M/F sex. Male werewolf, female human.
 Sequel:Hallowe'en Sighting
      Keywords:Teen   M/F   Tieing
 Species:Werewolf   Ape
Breaking The Curse - AdultM: [OK]
My second story, a requested one. Areth the tiger man and Briln the tiger woman set out to save their small village from a sorceror's curse. Has M/F sex. Male tiger man, female tiger woman.
      Keywords:M/F   Fantasy
Hallowe'en Sighting - AdultM: [OK]
This is a very, very short chapter. Adrian and Katherine catch a glimpse of the black wolf, but aren't able to catch him. A little bit of sex, too, of course. More soon.
      Keywords:M/F   Anal   Tieing
Paybacks Aren't Always Hell - AdultM: [OK]
A slightly more realistic story than my others. A friend asked me to put down my fantasies about her, so I did. It got so good I just had to turn it into a story and put it up here. Five, count them, five orgasms.
      Keywords:M/F   Oral   Anal   Masturbation   NC
 Species:Werewolf   Ape

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