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   Author:Skye Bluedeer

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Alias:Shawn Winnie
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What has happened? A character by the name of Shawn discovers himself in what might be Heaven. But is Heaven what he expected it to be? Maybe, maybe not, but this is the author's view of what the afterlife might be like.. it's all tied into the whole story, believe it or not.
Eric's Beginning
Eric Jannero, a young Teenager, discovers a cabin in the woods of his beloved home and decides to investigate. He finds Cheryl and Seryal, two mysterious people who seem to know little of the outside world. Eric agrees to show Cheryl around the city in exchange for tutoring in magic. The unexpected happens, and Cheryl is forced to go home. Eric remains in Seryal's charge, learning all he can. But when the time for his old friend comes....
Keena - Adult
The story of a young female kangaroo named Keena, and her story about how she ties into all of this.
      Keywords:M/F   Violence
Keena2 - Adult
The second half of Keena's story.
      Keywords:M/F   Violence
Pogus - Adult
The story of a young male roo who loses his family to raiders while training to protect them. Along the way, he discovers a strange flute and a mysterious inhabitant therein. Also to come is a familiar friend of ours....
Skye's 2nd Adventure
(unfinished)- Skye discoveres himself in a new world with several interesting creatures. While in it, he finds a young otter named Elsa, who seems to be in danger. He takes her along with him, transforming her into a beautiful unicorn to protect her from those who would harm her. As he nears his destination, his party is ambushed, and Elsa kidnapped. When he finds her, he discoveres who she really is...
 Species:Deer   Otter   Unicorn
Skye's 3rd Adventure
Skye is on a mission to save the faeries from the destruction of humans expanding their living territory. He meets some old friends along the way, as well as some new ones.
Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
Skye's 3rd Adventure, second part
(unfinished)- Second half of Skye's 3rd Adventure.
Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
The story of a young cervlon doe who finds her flashes of imagination a little too eerily real. Every time she goes to sleep, she dreams of a young Clydesdale Stallion named Jerric, and a young Clydesdale filly named Dalia. She dreams very vividly of their lives and doesn't know why. But she's too afraid of going to the Herd Stag for fear that he will be forced to deprive her of her powers and send her to a mundane world. So she follows their lives, and through her mental eye, learns a secret to the existence of the cervlons....
 Species:Deer   Clydesdale
The Keth-Ka and the Tems - Adult
Two civilizations, sharing the same island. One advanced, the other primitive. A moral story of sharing.
A Deer in Tech Support
The story about Tech Support, and the deer who works it. (Ongoing)
Rush - Adult
Space adventure. Rush goes to pick up his prospective mate, Laura, who he's to be married to when he returns to Earth. Along the way, the discover an intruder, Kamida, and agree to help the little skunkette find her mother. As time goes on, they discover something a little more sinister behind the scenes and why Kamida is not what she's supposed to be. They also discover a scheme to destroy the Earth, and have been chosen by the Old Ones to prevent it from happening. (Unfinished)
      Keywords:Violence   M/F

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