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Character Back Stories
My personal ideas on the histories of various Animaniacs characters. Grouped by similarity, not sequential or anything.
  • The Chicken Boo Back Story
    While watching 'Animaniacs' one day, I started thinking about each group of characters, and their respective 'back stories'. After all, almost every set has their own beginnings ...

    The Warners and Slappy are both 'understood' to have been in existence since the early 1930s, maybe as early as 1925, working for Warner Brothers. The Hippos, the Goodfeathers, and Rita and Runt have their 'origins' detailed in various shorts ('A Moving Experience', 'Goodfeathers: The Beginning', and 'When Rita Met Runt'). Buttons and Mindy need no 'back story'. This leaves Chicken Boo and Mr Skullhead as without prior history. What follows is one theory as to how Chicken Boo came to be. This is pure conjecture: WBA might have their own story ready sometime.

  • The Pinky and The Brain Back Story
    This is in the same vein as my earlier attempt at history, 'The Chicken Boo Back Story'. As there are actual defined events here, I will incorporate them appropriately. Such events, however, will be given different looks, as if from differing viewpoints. Bear with me: I will stick to 'canon' as much as possible.
  • The Slappy Squirrel Back Story
    This is the third in my series on the backgrounds of the characters of Animaniacs. This time I will explore the history of Slappy Squirrel. Again, there is more 'canon' background material available, which will be considered.
  •       Keywords:Animaniacs
     Species:Squirrel   Rat   Chicken
    Star Bores
    Three cast parodies, in script format, of the Star Wars trilogy, featuring the characters of Animaniacs. And some other Warner cartoons.
  • Ennui Hope
  • The Empire Sleeps In
  • Re-run of the Gookie
  •       Keywords:Animaniacs   Script
    Little Green Squirrel Hat
    Slappy Squirrel stars in the old 'Little Red Riding Hood' tale, as the darling ('Yeah, right.'), cute ('Wrong.'), and innocent ('I don't think so, hehaheh.') cute little girl.
          Keywords:Animaniacs   Fairy-Tale   Parody

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