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New World Awaiting (with Bluefish, Trel'la, Faranus, T. Woolfe, Grollin, Kickaha_2, Edward Becerra, Trel'la, Jadyn Tzeki, Anony Mouse, Mythic Fox, Dracopin, Robby)
New World Awaiting is a group effort by a bunch of us on TapestriesMUCK. The premise is that an unknown event has caused a Change in some humans, transforming them into FurFolk, while more mundane humans have, apparently, vanished. The series follows their adventures as they try to survive and build new lives in a suddenly new and different world.
Miavir:Newly updated as of 16.Aug.01.
      Keywords:Transformation   Post-Apocalyptic
 Species:Ocelot   Ferret   Wolf   Skunk   Coyote   Cheetah   Fox   Kitsune   Cougar   Snow Leopard   Bunny
Backup:1 2
Bugs in the System (with T. Woolfe)M: [Good]
I have a confession to make. In the beginning it wasn't all sweetness and roses between Georgie and I. Now all newlyweds have their little disagreements and we were no exception. There were just a few small things that had to be worked out. Bugs in the system if you will.
      Keywords:Violence   SF
 Species:Wolf   Skunk   AI
Were EverM: [Good]
Miavir:Why is the government applying to the 'Rhine/Clark test' to everyone, and why does noone remember what happens during those tests, and where do some people vanish to afterwards.. ?
 Species:Wolf   Dragon   Unicorn   Bear   Minotaur

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