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   Author:Hidden Heart

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Alias:Thomas A. Scheck
Contact:To E-Mail Hidden Heart
A story of a slave that finds love


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Unconditional Love - Adult
What does a slave do when confronted with freedom? Does she get even with her tormentors or does she forgive?

Please Email me your responses I love feedback.

      Keywords:Romance   M/F   Oral   Furry Freedom
 Species:Panther   Ape
A Change in Life Styles - AdultM: [OK]
A female cheetah gets captured for a lab and then finds a way to escape only to end up in a strange new land with interesting results. Please Email me your responses I love feedback.
      Keywords:M/F   Slice of Life
 Species:Cheetah   Fox
A Tortured soul - AdultM: [Good]
A tale of a woman who helps a roo find peace and love.
      Keywords:Romance   M/F
 Species:Ape   Kangaroo
The Day After - AdultM: [Good]
The first of a series I'm currently working on. What do you do when you make a mistake with your best friend?
 Sequel:Taking Care Of need
      Keywords:Romance   Oral   M/F
 Species:Ape   Fox
Taking Care Of need - AdultM: [Good]
The second story in a series I've started. This deals with Rens support of Sonyas feelings on a goal she may never attain. Please Email me your responses I love feedback.
      Keywords:Romance   Oral   M/F
 Species:Ape   Fox
The Twists in Life - AdultM: [OK]
A man loses his love for life and then finds someone who wants to replace it. Its a story about the feelings one goes through when confronted with both joy and sadness.

Please Email me your responses I love feedback.

      Keywords:Romance   M/F
 Species:Ape   Skunk
The Specimen - AdultM: [OK]
We've all heard the tales of Aliens taking humans for research but what happens when the role is reversed? Please Email me your responses I love feedback.
      Keywords:Romance   SF   M/F
 Species:Ape   Reptile

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