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Lt. Raff M. Logan
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Deep Space Fur
  • Chapter 1 : Journey's Start
    First ever chapter of Deep Space Fur! It started out pretty shakily - I still didn't have a concrete plot... This is a lot of random running around and getting to know the characters...
  • Chapter 2 : A Touch With Disaster
    As the crew attempts to enter orbit around Lupen Centauri their main stabilizers fail... only quick teamwork can save them.
  • Chapter 3 : New Friends
    The introduction of Raff Logan and Doctor Shevrim Nelak! A bit on the new crew intro, Ridgefield's welcoming speech.
  • Chapter 4 : Sabotage
    Excalibur sets off away from Karlon, unaware that one of the crew has sabotaged the star charts...
  • Chapter 5 : Lost in Space
    Already hopelessly beyond communications range and dreadfully lost, Aulday and Ridgefield discover the glitch and look for a planet with a species who can help them.
  • Chapter 6 : Karlon
    The introduction of the fuzzy, three-tailed, shapeshifting Karlonians! All seems well at first... And the capture of the Away Team as they beam down to the planet below.
  • Chapter 7 : Duplicity
    Karlonians have infiltrated Excalibur and are posing as the crew... And none of the crew notice. The Away Team sits in a Karlonian prison, waiting for rescue.
  • Chapter 8 : Revelation
    Through a series of peculiar events, Danae finally realizes the Karlonian's plot, deciding to take action into her own hands. Meanwhile, the captured Away Team becomes friends with Ceraven, their guard...

    * Danae beats up Erim in this one... surprise, surprise! *

  • Chapter 9 : On the Run
    The escape from Karlon! Both the Away Team, Raff and Ellen attempt to escape in this one - but not everyone gets out alive...
  • Chapter 10 : Farewell, Karlon.
    The Karlonians bid the Excalibur a hostile farewell, and Ridgefield goes to check on the status of 1439 and Raff.
  • Chapter 11 : An Old Friend
    Excalibur enters the territory of the Twornn, a warlike avian race. At first nothing seems amiss, but Ridgefield's worst nightmares come true - first Excalibur begins malfunctioning, and then a visit from one of his old friends... Q.
  • Chapter 12 : Omniscience Trapped
    Q explains the reasoning behind his sudden appearance on Excalibur, and Ridgefield loses Excalibur's neutrality after aiding a Twornn military vessel being pursued by Twornn rebels.
  • Chapter 13 : Awakening
    Raff awakens from his coma - but, well, he's not quite himself.
  • Chapter 14 : Twornn Troubles
    Excalibur is the target of a rebel battle cruiser attack, and all seems lost. Thanks to the self-sacrifice of a certain lieutenant, the Twornn rebel ship is destroyed.
  • Chapter 15 : Q's Dilemma
    Strangely enough, Q's power continues to dwindle until all he can do is teleport around the ship. While this is going on, Excalibur finally reaches the Twornn homeworld, where the Engineering crew discovers a nasty surprise waiting there.
  • Chapter 16 : The Rebel Weapon
    Through cooperation between the Bridge crew and Engineering, a disaster of planetary proportions is avoided... Q's farewell present is quite a disaster in itself, as well...
  • Chapter 17 : Minos
    Sorvak gets a hand at command in this chapter, and Ridgefield takes a much needed break. Excalibur finally gets its bearings after Q's "gift" and heads for the nearest solar system, the Minos cluster.
  • Chapter 18 : Another Welcoming Party
    Quite a misleading title... Preparations to welcome Excalibur to Minos II begin on both sides, and Ridgefield decides his Away Team. De'Nveral has doubts after a powerful telekinetic shatters a communication crystal...
  • Character Bios
  •       Keywords:Star-Trek   Graphics
    Starfleet Academy
  • Chapter 1
    A basic "beginnings" chapter, starting off on a day of vacation for the Quad. Before the end of the day, the Quadmembers are involved in species tension, laboratory accidents and grubbing for money - just an average day in the life of a Starfleet Cadet.
  • Chapter 2
    The continuation of the cadets' saga - in which a few more lines of conflict are exposed, and some good and some bad things happen within the day. In this chapter is a more in-depth look at Raff's life on Deep Space 5 from the viewpoint of Dr. Shaun Iltioch, the research scientist.
  •       Keywords:Star-Trek   Graphics
     Species:Wolf   Lion   Tiger

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