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PassagesM: [Very Good]
One doctor's scientific and ethical journey. Story commissioned by Ashley Kitto.
 Species:Ape   Tiger
The first computer personM: [Very Good]
The fringes of computer science, and the curious effects they have on the scientists themselves...
The Two: Wonders of the Ivory TowerM: [Very Good]
The mystery, wonder, and unwitting tragedy of the first living-brain supercomputer...
Miavir:The furry part of the story appears later on in the story, so stick with it :-)
      Keywords:Transformation   Furry Freedom
 Species:AI   Tiger
The Cambridge Bi-Hourly.M: [Very Good]
An electronic newspaper of the future- in this issue, the CBH explores aspects of totemizing.
      Keywords:Parody   Furry Freedom
(apologies to Longfellow)
Speak Roughly to your EvidenceM: [Mediocre]
Miavir:Some very weird dialogue by the characters of 'Alice in Wonderland'. Jinx_tigr wrote to tell me this one was actually written by a computer program and edited by him. Hmm, I think it's gonna be a while before computer generated stories catch on.
      Keywords:Fairy-Tale   Weird
Goon Show SnippetM: [OK]
A parody of the Goon Show, an old radio program done by Peter Sellers (yep- the guy who did Clouseau), Spike Milligan, and Ned Secombe.
Miavir:Strange bit of dialogue.
Kings Of RainmoorM: [Very Good]
The Kings of Rainmoor, in which Jinx, a creature who had never fit in anywhere, must save a King, stop an assassin, and learn things he did not realize about himself.
  • Jinx Outside Rainmoor
    Introducing Jinx- and introducing Jinx to Rainmoor, and to his purpose.
  • Inside Rainmoor
    Jinx gets used to his new home, or tries to- and finds a new friend.
  • Settling In
    Jinx is told a story by a book- and continues to meet ever-more-disconcerting friends.
  • Hail, Monster, Well Met
    Jinx meets friends of friends, who meet friends of his, and finally decides to set out and see more of Rainmoor.
  • Lord Peter's Tour
    Dramatis Personae- Jinx meets many other people of all sorts, venturing out into Rainmoor.
  • Honor to the Living and the Dead
    Things begin happening entirely too fast...
  • The Lonely Place
    Interlude with Vernon- then Jinx has to face Elanor, and the truth about how he's been treating her.
  • Aftermath
    Jinx, and his friends, get together and try to sort many things out.
  • Black Tie and Tails
    While all of Rainmoor gossips over the current events, Jinx and Elanor are invited to dinner at Peter's.
  • Dead of Night
    Jinx visits the Lonely Place... and then, late at night, visits another First Lord...
  • Entangled
    Darkness, and desperate plans to hold off disaster...
  • King of Rainmoor
    Unmaskings- and the revealing of the True King of Rainmoor.
  • Screenplay Sample
    This is just an experiment. It's being included for the heck of it, and for the purpose of handwaving- to try and demonstrate that writing for the screen has to be visual, but that writing visual doesn't mean endlessly specifying lenses and lights and cameras, it means saying what is shown, and saying how it's shown, in broad bold strokes.
  •  Sequel:Ghosts of Rainmoor
          Keywords:Fantasy   Adventure   Mystery   Script
     Species:Tiger   Panther   Dragon
    Ghosts of RainmoorM: [Very Good]
    The Ghosts of Rainmoor, in which Jinx must return to Rainmoor for the good of Rainmoor and of those he loves.
  • Home
    Jinx and Elanor. Their new home, their neighbors- and a surprise.
  • Adjustments
    New ideas, and alarming ones. Elanor gets too upset and makes some very bad decisions.
  • Remember Me
    Mick learns more than anybody's ever known about Jinx's past.
  • Cavalry
    Supposing one could rescue all of Rainmoor- then what?
  • Refugees
    Jinx is King again, but not everybody is ready to accept that...
  • Ultimatum
    Jinx deals with King problems- and has some decisions to make.
  •       Keywords:Fantasy   Adventure
     Species:Tiger   Panther
    Aquarius - AdultM: [Very Good]
    Aquarius, in which Edie, a catgirl who keeps many secrets, must confront a new job- and an unexpected love.
  • Chapter 1
    Introducing Edie, introducing Peter the ship's master, and introducing Aquarius itself, the spaceship where Edie has been hired to work.
  • Chapter 2
    Edie learns more about Rick, meets new friends, and does her best to get used to the customs of Aquarius... and is caught with a secret.
  • Chapter 3
    Edie's introduction to the 'subs', the main mode of transportation for Underside staffers, turns out more dramatically than anyone expected.
  • Chapter 4
    Edie visits Christmas Morning- and finds Rick making one last try for her- and when it fails, he ends up complaining far and wide about the rotten attitude of the new cat.
  • Chapter 5
    Walter confronts Peter, Edie almost confronts Walter, Arthur blows Edie's cover at which point Alice confronts Edie. All in all, it's good they are all friends- well, not counting Peter, who is Ship's Master and nobody's friend as such.
  • Chapter 6
    Morning on Aquarius. Walter supplies the omelets for Kid Sister. Edie, Walter and Bill go to run an errand, and nearly run into a denizen.
  • Chapter 7
    Topside. Edie sees the glories of the public areas- has a glimpse of how impressively competent Topside staff can be- is nearly mistaken for Red Sash staff by a pilgrim who wasn't expecting no for an answer- and ends up having to calm Walter down as only she can.
  • Chapter 8
    Airplane hijinks- Walter tries to fix an emergency situation and startles Edie with his tone- all three head off in biplanes to look at the Airwalk.
  • Chapter 9
    Trouble with Maggie. Edie and Maggie handle a tough day at work, and an even tougher scene after work.
  • Chapter 10
    Edie has to take a long walk to settle her thoughts, and finds understanding in an unexpected place...
  • Chapter 11
    Edie gets honest with Maggie- and we glimpse a little of her past.
  •       Keywords:SF   Romance
     Species:Cat   Fox   Wolf   Weasel

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