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In Pursuit - AdultM: [Very Good]
I have decided to make "In Pursuit" a three part story. This was partly because the story got so large, I would never get it done if I didn't split it up. This story stands very well on it's own, but it really sets the stage for the rest of the story. This is my first furry story, and my first attempt writing some love scenes (not my forte, but I am working on it.) Hope you like it.
Unofficial Illustration by Richard Foley.
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  •       Keywords:SF   Adventure   Graphics
    Training Session
    Miavir:Marginally furry,... according to it's author. Humorous.
    A New Beat
    Story about how 'Moonstalker', a character on FurryMuck got sent there in the first place. Will he ever be allowed to return, or did he really burn all his bridges behind him?
    Unofficial Illustration by Richard Foley.
          Keywords:Detective   Adventure   Graphics
    Zero Balance
    An arrival story, showing how Zero_wolfe was created, and how he arrived at FurryMuck. First bit takes place on Gateway, a world where sorcery and technology both are used.
    Fantasy Games
    If a furry universe were real, what would they do for entertainment?
    My Tutor has 6 tails - Adult
    A 6 tailed kitsune befriends a lonely college man, and teachs him something about life, and the opposite sex. (erotica)

    Sorry, but this story is contains explicit sex, and is not for children or anyone who may be offended by such.

     Sequel:Final Exams
          Keywords:Romance   M/F
    Backup:1 2 3
    Final Exams - Adult
    Miavir:Sharri must deal with the consequences of having befriended Karl.
     Sequel:Graduation Day
          Keywords:Transformation   Violence   NC   M/F   F/F
    Backup:1 2
    Unexpected Visitor
    Miavir:A Fox gets exactly that, an unexpected and very sinister visit. Allen originally had no sequel planned, but due to popular demand, he wrote a second part.
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    When you Return...M: [Very Good]
    (As submitted to PawPrints). A lovely vixen stands next the the starport, waiting for her lover to return as she recounts her life.
    Mystico Unchained
    (As submitted to PawPrints).
    Miavir:A short shaggy dog tale.
          Keywords:Shaggy Dog Story
    Proper FormM: [Very Good] G: [OK]
    In furry fandom, there are many stories about how a person becomes transformed into an animal. This is a variation on that theme.
          Keywords:Fantasy   Transformation   NC
     Species:Ape   Squirrel
    Tales from the Screaming Flea
  • Episode 1 - Every Bunny needs somebody sometime...
    On the planet OSCA, a cougar captain goes deep into the bowels of the capital city in search of two missing crewmen. The crewmen turn out not to be missing at all, but that doesn't help matters much.
  • Chapter 2 - Balance Due
    The crew of the Screaming Flea is now on the desert world of Corinth. This episode introduces the audience to the crew, and what makes each of them 'tick'. Rio, Pachebel, Cheryl, Perneft, and Uri are all here. And you can see what goes on inside their minds here as they come together to face a common foe.
  •       Keywords:SF   Adventure   Humor
     Species:Cougar   Bunny
    Lewis's storyM: [Very Good] G: [Very Good]
    A lonely fox sits outside and studies a desert, cursing his fate.
     Sequel:Isn't life one of the craziest things
          Keywords:Slice of Life   Military   Romance
    Smart WeaponsM: [Very Good]
    A cute little bit I did years ago, but never finished. I've finally completed it and cleaned it up enough to show off.
    Miavir:Only Anthropomorphic in the sense that those weapons seem pretty human, but hey, close enough for me ;-)
    An offer you Can't refuse - Adult
    Miavir:Cheyanne the assasin must decide who she works for...
          Keywords:Transformation   Violence
     Species:Lion   Tiger   Eagle
    Yiff ControlM: [Very Good]
    A story for a friend of mine on Furrymuck. Some people just do not know when to quit. Fortunately some furs can be quite clever in their defenses.
     Species:Satyr   Avian   Feline
    Far from Home - AdultM: [Very Good]
    A ship of explorers many lightyears from civilized space has to contend with a mysterious unexplored world, and their own prejudices in a first encounter story.

    This is the first of several "TATU" stories.

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  •  Sequel:A place in the Sun
          Keywords:SF   Adventure
     Species:Fox   Wolf
    A place in the SunM: [Very Good]
    Alkit and Triva have more adventures in and out of the civilized worlds. Can A Wolf and a Fox carve out their own happiness in a society that disapproves of them? Can they make their own "Place in the Sun"?
    Alkit and Triva
    Unofficial Illustration by Richard Foley.
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  •  Sequel:Closed Circle
          Keywords:SF   Adventure   Graphics
     Species:Fox   Wolf   Bear
    Closed Circle
    Alkit and Triva create a life for themselves with their new starship. Life should be peachs and cream, but sinister plots still abound. And there are one or two details about a fox living with a wolf that never entered either of their minds...
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  •  Sequel:Starborn
          Keywords:SF   Adventure
     Species:Fox   Wolf
    StarbornM: [Very Good]
    Another story starring Alkit and Triva. Triva and Alkit have a baby, despite the laws of nature, physics, and logic...
     Sequel:Close Encounters
          Keywords:SF   Adventure
     Species:Fox   Wolf
    A fan's treatise on the state of Furry Comics
    As of Aug 24, 1997.
    The First Casualty - AdultG: [Good]
    A story of the TAG Universe
          Keywords:Adventure   Military   Violence
     Species:Ape   Cat
    Graduation DayM: [OK] G: [Good]
    Miavir:Karl must learn some lessons in how to be a Kitsune.
          Keywords:Adventure   Fantasy
     Species:Kitsune   Ape
    Drunken Furs!M: [Good] G: [Good]
    Okay, so I can be silly at times.
     Species:Ape   Cat
    The Birth of Destiny - AdultM: [Very Good] G: [Very Good]
    An awakening story. A young woman comes to understand something special about herself in an unusual way.
          Keywords:Adventure   Violence
     Species:Ape   Tiger
    AFF Furrybowl!!G: [Very Good] M: [Good]
    Root, root, root for the home team! (Are you tired of the infighting and flames on AFF? I know I am. Just what are the rules in this game anyway?)
          Keywords:Humor   Parody   Violence
    By Any Other NameG: [Good]
    From the AAC98 conbook. What could possibly humiliate the commanding officer of the most state-of-the-art star destroyer in existance into being embarrased about his new ship?
          Keywords:Humor   SF   Military
     Species:Dragon   Wolverine
    A Novel EscapeM: [Good] G: [Good]
    While science fiction and fantasy do provide an escape for the imagination, there are times when more drastic measures are called for. Even a kitsune can only handle so much abuse in his life. Especially from the one he tries to love... (thoughtful)
          Keywords:SF   Slice of Life   Fantasy
     Species:Kitsune   Husky
    Only the BestG: [Good]
    Even foxes can be fanboys. And Charlie has the opportunity of a lifetime at his fingertips: He is repairing the guitar of his favorite musician. But will she even notice him?
          Keywords:Slice of Life   Shaggy Dog Story
     Species:Fox   Skunk   Otter
    Make Love not War - AdultM: [OK] G: [Very Good]
    Not for the Squeamish!! Hey, you squeamish folks get away from there! See, this story is a cross between erotica and horror genres. Stephen King does Dallas, if you will. Why'd I write such a thing? To see if I could, and to try something different. I rewrote part of it to make the ending seem more plausible.
          Keywords:Adventure   Military   M/F   Vorarephile   Horror
     Species:Coyote   Rabbit
    Close Encounters - AdultM: [Very Good]
    As close as Triva, the cubs, and his crew are to him, there are times when a fox would rather be alone.
          Keywords:Slice of Life   Humor   SF
     Species:Fox   Wolf   Raccoon   Ferret   Skunk
    Halloween StoryG: [Good] M: [Good]
    Graven:Around the campfire, The packmaster tells the cubs a ghost story.
          Keywords:Horror   Humor
     Species:Coyote   Fox
    Future FormG: [Good]
    Some of you may have heard that I entered a furry story into competition in a Science Fiction Contest. Well, it didn't win. But that's okay, because now I can edit it again and show it off. This will be 6 chapters long (It is a novella.) Hope you all enjoy it. It was fun to write.
  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Part 4
  • Part 5
  • Part 6
  •  Species:Ape   Dog   Otter   Lynx   Wolf   Fox
    Plonq's Christmas VisitorsG: [Very Good]
    Graven:Up on the housetop spacecraft pause...
          Keywords:Humor   SF
     Species:Wolf   Fox   Leopard
    Rite of passageG: [OK]
    Graven:Goodbyes before walking the wild side
          Keywords:Slice of Life   Transformation
     Species:Wolf   Ape
    Merlin meets ISO9000G: [Very Good]
    Graven:An ISO9000 inspector makes an unannounced visit to check Merlin's procedural documentation.
          Keywords:Humor   Transformation   NC   Fantasy
     Species:Ape   Toad
    Love & War (with John Pesterfield)
    A dream about what could have been. Comments welcome.
    A story of the TAG Universe
    Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
    One Ticket Out
     Species:Bulldog   Snow Leopard   Collie
    Alpha Team
    New World Order
    Secret Weapon
    Bub Takes Charge
    Everyone Knows...
    Blue Bear, Blue Bear
    Setting Records
     Species:Otter   Donkey
    Wishes Come True
     Species:Unicorn   Ape

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