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The Collected Tanj Stories - AdultM: [OK]
Her nickname is "Tanj", and she's certainly living up to it. For her, it seems, "There Ain't No Justice." As a young engineer on a tramp space freighter, this Cheetah-morph found herself the victim of a scam, sold into slavery, and trained as a sex-slave. Sold to pirates, she finds herself as a pawn in a much larger struggle. This story contains bondage, non-consensual sex, and hopefully some humor, adventure and intrigue. Adults only, PLEASE!
Miavir:Used to be called "Trouble's Tales", but was changed due to reasons better explained here.
  • Book 1: The Academy Years   Backup
  • In the Beginning
    This chapter tells how Tanj came to wind up in the situation she's in, and sets the stage for the rest of the story.
  • Punishment
    A lot of folks have asked about Tanj's conditioning; as to how she came to be the way she is. This chapter is probably a pretty poor attempt to explain how it MIGHT have been accomplished. More sexual inuendo than actual sex, but once again, it contains bondage and non-consentual sex.
  • Breaking-in
  • Introductory Restraint
    One of Tanj's initial experiences at the Academy. More non-consensual bondage and sex.
  • Kabbazah / Sahajoli
    Kabbazah. Another of Tanj's initial experiences at the Academy; she's trained in the use and control of her vaginal muscles, and taught how to please a lover seemingly without moving. More bondage and non-consensual sex, but also some interesting information I picked up on Kegel exercises... This is a two part story; the other part is trbl9775.txt, all in the same doccument, where Tanj attends the "advanced" course in the same subject, and of course, gets into even more trouble.
  • Revenge can be sweet!
    This was actually the first story I wrote, and features F/F sex, bondage and non-consentual sex.
  • Daydreams
    Tanj and some of the other girls at the academy daydream about where they'd RATHER be.
  • Distractions
    More bondage and nonconsensual sex, as Tanj continues her "education" at the "academy".
  • Learning Process
    More adventures at the Academy, with more bondage, nonconsensual sex, and featuring Zassa as a guest star!
  • Oh the HORROR!
    Tanj is a participant in an experiment, in the scenes, themes, and shows class, and in the process learns a little bit more about her feelings on her new station in life. Monsters and Non-consensual sex (my thanks to Saganth for the monster and the inspiration!)
  • Piled Higher and Deeper
    The Scenes, Themes, and Shows class continues, and Tanj continues to explore her feelings. More Monsters and Non-consensual sex.
  • The road less traveled
    Final episode in the Scenes, themes and shows class. Tanj comes to some accomodation with her feelings, and meets a friend. More "Monsters" and non-consentual sex. Once again, Saganth guest stars!
  • The Party
    Tanj gets into even more trouble at the Academy, with more of the same bondage and nonconsentual sex. This one also sets the stage for later events.
  • Escape!
    Tanj and her friends try and turn the academy's own weapons against them as they attempt to escape!
  • Endings and Beginnings
    Tanj finishes her "education" at the Academy, and is sold!

  • Book 2: The Pirate Years
  • Part 1: Slave to a Pirate   Backup
  • Endings and Beginnings
    Tanj starts her new life with her new master, and of course she's in more trouble than ever! The plot thickens. Some nonconsentual sex and bondage, but mostly consentual.
    Miavir: Subtitle repeated by the author, not me.
  • The start of vengeance
    Tanj's first "mission" as she's sent to spy on the person running the largest trading space station in the area, seeking information for the pirates. More nonconsentual sex and bondage!
  • Tanj's Return
    Tanj manages to find a way back from Elysium, but opening a whole new can of worms in the process. Guest appearances by Zassa of FurryMuck and Hinoki of Tapestries. More nonconsentual sex and bondage.
  • With Jenka
    Tanj spends her time with Jenka, as part of the "settlement", and while doing so, participates in a joint mission between the two pirate groups. Guest appearance by Jenka, and Zassa of FurryMuck and Hinoki of Tapestries. More nonconsentual sex, bondage and violence.

  • Part 2: Cloak and Dagger   Backup
  • Cloak and Dagger
    Tanj undertakes a difficult covert operation. More nonconsentual sex, bondage, and body piercing.
  • Strange Bedfellows
    Tanj and the pirates try and rebuild after the previous operation; Tanj makes an unintended purchase, and a new recruit poses a problem. More nonconsensual sex, and bondage.
  • Changes in lattitude, changes in attitude
    Tanj goes on a mission for the Pirates in her new ship, with Mark, Zassa, Hinoki, and a stow-away as crew. More wild sex, some "non-consensual".
  • Shared Assets
    An attempt to keep the stories a little shorter than the previous one. Tanj and her Master entertain Jenka from the Black Fleet Pirates. More wild sex, not really non-consensual, with some bondage.

  • Part 3: Lord Xylex's Revenge   Backup
  • Lord Xylex's Revenge, Part I
    The plot thickens; this one doesn't have all that much sex, and as amazing as it may seem, its all consensual, but the story IS critical for the ongoing plot. Stay tuned, more to come!
  • Explanations
    Lord Xylex manipulates the Imperial Fleet Into going after the pirates. Tanj does some more thinking on just who and what she is. More wild sex, some non-consensual.
  • Marooned
    Tanj, while on a mission, is separated from her party. Hunted, pursued, her resources exhaused, she finds a novel way of escaping her predicament... but does she REALLY escape? More wild sex, some non-consensual, lotsa bondage and weird situations. Some violence and bloodshed.

  • Part 4:The Battle that Never Was
  • Part 1
    Lord Xylex tries a round-about way to eliminate the Pirates. In this part, Tanj "kidnaps" an Imperial courier, coming to coordinate Imperial Aid for the government of Elysium. More wild sex, and exhibitionism, nothing too non-consentual.
  • Part 2
    Tanj & Co. return from their mission, and the tailored virus the courier was infected with starts to do its insidious work (if you haven't figured that out already). More wild sex, some non-consensual, and very little plot.
  • Part 3
    The tailored virus spreads through the asteroid base, vastly interrupting operations. Some however, are more affected than others. Meanwhile, in the moment of weakness, the enemy closes in for the kill. Will Tanj be able to find a way to save them all, or will she be buried under a pile of randy furrs? Will some other hero rise to the occasion? More wild sex, some of it non-consentual. Bondage and other naughtyness.
  • Part 4
    The Virus runs its course, and an unusual method is found to defend the station. Will Anyone believe Tanj when she tries to tell them what happened? More wild, non-consensual sex, bondage and other naughtiness.

  • Part 5:Turnabout
  • Turnabout
    More slavery, non-consensual sex, bondage and even a little sadism. Hopefully, though, with this one I achieved "less" sex and "more" plot. One of my reviewers said it was the first story she'd read in this series that she hadn't "gotten off on"... but that she'd read it twice! Hope you find it interesting enough to read. I'll make up for it in the next story, promise!
  • The Green Eyed Monster
    More bondage and non-consensual sex, although sometimes its a little hard to tell. Tanj collects payment from her master for having rescued him, taking HIM as HER slave for a week; but that's not without its problems. Meanwhile, the situation on Elysium worsens.

  • Part 6: Gotterdamerung
  •       Keywords:F/F   BD   Adventure   SF   NC   Violence   Piercing   IIMYI

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