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Pax PeltorumM: [Very Good]
An ongoing furry series. This is an experiment I've wanted to try for a while, an open-ended furry series. The next few stories will feature the adventures of a bat-morph named Arissa but I will probably change characters and setting as whim (or story) takes me. The only thing all the stories will have in common is furries, and most likely the world in which these first stories take place. I hope I can add to the series at the rate of about one episode a month, life and schedules allowing, of course. But I can't make any promises; I have several large-scale writing projects in the works, and this one must unfortunately take low priority.
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  •       Keywords:Fantasy   Adventure   Violence
    Mr. PopularityM: [Very Good]
    The following story was published in the combined (#18-19) issue of YARF! As far as I know, the text of this file is exactly the same as the published version.

    There are several people who helped me to polish this story to the point of being publishable, and I would like to thank them all: Vixen, Terryann, Foxen, Celon, the writers on the studguppy (love that name!) mailing list, and most especially my friend Trev, all of whom pointed out the dozens of mistakes I made in the rough drafts of this story.

    This story is the first in a series, and the second is half-written already. Don't expect them to all be comedies. The only thing they'll all have in common is the world I have created for them, and furries (of course). Zeb and Charlie are my current 'heroes' of choice, and will return in the next tale, but Arissa and Sharla came close enough to stealing the show to deserve their own stories. Funny how 'throwaway' characters do that sometimes...

          Keywords:Fantasy   Adventure
     Species:Bat   Fox   Wolf   Ermine

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