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Dawn Tyme - AdultM: [OK]
After a peeping-tom was caught outside her house, Calian runs into Kanza, but she doesn't know it at the time. After injuring him, he retreats to his abode behind the waterfall Calian enjoys sitting by and watching. Calian the next day walks out to thisvery same waterfall and finds out what lives behind the waterfall, and what may have surprised her at home.

Adult material, if you are offended by graphic details, don't read this. If you love graphics, please by all means come in and read.

      Keywords:Fantasy   M/F
 Species:Dragon   Ape
Reptilian Beast Misunderstood - Adult
Daniel always hated when a town would make a rash decision, so when a man comes stumbling into the tavern ranting about a beast in the woods, Daniel decides to find it.

Very graphic, so if you don't like graphics don't click on the link. If you do then by all means click away.

A young woman, named Marlene finds herself stranded on an island by herself after the ship she was riding in careens. Her family that was on the boat drowns and Marlene strives to find a way to go on living through her loss. She finally meets someone, though a person that she doesn't expect to see.
 Species:Lizard   Ape
As the prisoner of a war and a fighter in the war Veraisa was doomed to battle in her enemies arena till either the day she was killed or the day she was allowed to make her escape. She then commits a crime punishable by death to her kind, and tarnishes her soul. But she finds a person with compassion and caring, someone that takes her under his protective wing and brings her back to full health, and to find love.
 Species:Ape   Feline
Alien Tryst - Adult
Stranded and alone in the bowels of a base complex infested with xenomorphs, what happens when a marine finds himself in even deeper then he wants only to find out the aliens have another plan for him.
      Keywords:SF   Horror   M/F
 Species:Ape   Demon
Zrask - Adult
A very long story, when printed about 39 pages long single spaced. This is a Novella in a way, and I hope you enjoy it, I spent a lot of time writing it.
  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Part 4
  •       Keywords:Violence   M/F
     Species:Lizard   Ape

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