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Dragon - Adult
My favorite story of all the ones I've put into words is about a man who falls in love with a dragon.
Backup:1 2
I've got a lot of stories involving a woman and a lion in my head. Personally, I think this is the best of the three I've written down.
 Species:Ape   Lion
This one came to me when I started thinking about how blind people "look" at things by feeling with their hands. The idea of someone's hands gently roving over my face set me dreaming, and this is the story that resulted from that fantasy.
It's set in a world where humans don't exist, and the animals... they speak... into this world a woman is dropped. She finds a king (a lion) and he tells her a little about the world.
Imagine you
One morning I woke up and looked over to the picture at my bedside and this all came to me.
To a tigress
Here's another short I came up with thinking about how beautiful stripes are.
Hunting dog
This I came up with thinking about something I saw on the cover of a hunting magazine at work of all places. It was a man leaning down praising his dog, and I guess the dog was licking his face, but I didn't get a good look, so all I saw was a dog with it's muzzle dangerously close to a man's mouth. :)
Redefining beauty
Keep in mind that not everyone in the world understands and likes anthropomorphs, and it's in this light that I've written this story.

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