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Kim - Adult
This is a bit of a story I have had in my brain for years. It started out as a comic book idea that never materialized. Now as I see all the interesting stuff on the net I began to think "why not me?" Maybe this will get me motivated enough to actually draw this up. Although my art abilities are just a hair better than my writing's, I figure most people would rather look at the pretty pictures than read something. Anyway, about this story. Kinda about a girl, kinda about a guy. Kinda one of those furry freedom pieces, but more like what the furries do with that freedom once they have it. The story is set in the somewhat distant future, a time when man has become extinct at the hand of the furries. The Earth is of course heavily damaged by the wars, and living on it is quite a chore. But it is starting to heal and life is again thriving on its surface. But Earth is not the only place where life is thriving. Before the wars humans populated many other planets nearby. Although now devoid of human life, their slayers now inhabit the planets.
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  •       Keywords:M/F   Romance   SF   Humor

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