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The life of the PartyG: [Very Good]
Graven:While pumping the net, a man discovers a new weapon for his battle to one-up a rival at the office party.
 Sequel:Fox With A Box
      Keywords:Transformation   SF   Transgender   Cyberpunk   Humor
 Species:Ape   Fox
Fox With A Box - Adult
...and the story's sequel. A little darker than the original, but this is closer to what I was trying to get with the first one.
 Species:Fox   Ape
Y1K was so much easier -- just sacrifice a couple of virgins, say a few prayers to the gods, and don't even bother modifying any of your scrolls, or stone tablets. None of those boring meetings for a poor snow leopard...
 Species:Snow Leopard   Lemming   Mole   Otter
Flight of Fancy
This is just a little flight of fancy I wrote as some course material for a writing class I am due to take.
 Species:Dragon   Ape
Plonq's Promotion
Plonq gets a "promotion" at work. Of course, sometimes things don't always appear as advertised...
 Species:Snow Leopard   Walrus   Otter
Small Packages
Another of my more serious works. It seems that Plonq is about as adept at picking up social cues as he is at programming JCL.
 Species:Snow Leopard   Otter
Dinner - Adult
Seems that Plonq has bitten off a bit more than he can chew.
 Sequel:Wheels Within Wheels
      Keywords:M/M   Humor
 Species:Snow Leopard   Otter
Wheels Within Wheels
Otters can be such shameless schemers when they put their little minds to it, eh?
 Species:Snow Leopard   Otter
Love Stinks
The little snow leopard discovers that love stinks -- literally!
 Sequel:All in a Day's work
 Species:Snow Leopard   Gopher   Skunk
All in a Day's work
Work and romance never mix, or do they?
 Species:Snow Leopard   Otter   Rhinoceros   Skunk
Days Like These
Another "Plonq at work" story. This one takes place after "Packages", but is not a sequel to the work. Much lighter in tone, too.
 Species:Snow Leopard   Otter   Bear   Weasel
Soapbox Cat
  • Part 1
    Plonq - for that is indeed whom is addressing the furry fandom in this story - finds out that public speaking isn't as easy as it looks on television. This story, as with the next, was just a bit of non-sequitor I posted to a.f.f to try and lighten things up a bit during one of the flame wars. I called the main lead "Snowcat" in this story and the next because at the time, I hadn't decided to separate out Plonq and Snowcat as separate entities. Just think of them as biped and quadruped versions of the same character.
  • Part 2
    Another disasterous public speaking appearance by poor Plonq - again appearing under the name "Snowcat".
  •       Keywords:Humor
     Species:Snow Leopard   Skunk
    A Snow Leopard in the Pridelands
    Ever an anomaly is the question of just how a snow leopard ever came to be lurking in the African savannah. While this little story doesn't give all the answers, it drops a few good hints.
          Keywords:Lion King
     Species:Snow Leopard
    The Windy Day
    Unless you're a regular in some of the Lion King mailing lists or IRC channels, the names in this story won't mean much to you. This is just a little glimpse into the personality of this little snow leopard.
          Keywords:Lion King
     Species:Snow Leopard
    Military Plonq
    Let a.f.f become a corny-sweet kind of newsgroup? Not while this cat draws breath!
     Species:Snow Leopard
    The Furvey From Hell
    Just where do they generate all their Furrymuck statistics from? The answer is not pretty. Be afraid, my friend, very afraid.
     Species:Snow Leopard   Bear
    The Burger Incident
    One of those times when inspiration was drawn from RL. I wrote this one right after arriving home from a burger place with a suspiciously similar name to the one in the story.
     Species:Snow Leopard   Pig
    Furry Public Reading
    Plonq discovers that the danger of doing a public reading is that it's so closely tied with public humiliation.
     Species:Snow Leopard
    The Dentist
    Another RL inspired story. Turns out that Plonq is as big a wimp at the dentist's office as his writer is.
     Species:Snow Leopard   Rabbit   Fox
    Evening Falls
    This is a short story I posted to the TLK mailing list one evening. As far as I know, this is the only place where it's archived. I decided to repost it here for posterity, because I've always liked this little story for some reason.
          Keywords:Lion King
    Pride Rock
    One of the scenes that got cut from The Lion King - in part, to keep its G rating.
          Keywords:Lion King
    A Bad Day - Adult
    How do most people deal with a bad day at work? Stop for a drink on the way home? Turn into a lion and ravage half the office? Warning: this one contains some reasonably violent scenes.
          Keywords:Violence   Transformation

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