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Rage From Chaos
  • Element 1 : End of the Innocence
    The journey begins, amidst death and flame.
  • Element 2 : Deadliest of the Species
    Delta must survive the Deadliest of the Species Tournament, where only the last contestant alive wins. Revelations of his past are found.
  • Element 3 : Vengeance
    The wolfcat must now take revenge for that which has made him what he is.
  • Element 4 : Storms
    The vicious cycle continues. Delta runs north for Irin, while Zynith takes chase.
  • Element 5 : Rain Hell
    In progress.
  •       Keywords:Action   Adventure
     Species:Cat   Wolf   Fox
    Indigo and Iridium BloodFang fight for their lives.
          Keywords:Action   Adventure

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