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Oh Dear - AdultM: [Good]
My first "released" furry story. Beware! This story contains some yiffing. In other words, if you are upset by two otters havings sex, or are under 18, Don't go here! If not, come on in!
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A Winter's NightG: [OK]
This concerns a young man, reeling from an emotionally charged breakup, and what happened when he decided to follow his heart.
 Species:Ape   Wolf
Coyote de mi AlmaM: [Good]
This story concerns ultimate evil and a heroine, but I won't tell you the ending. :)
 Sequel:The Rape Of The Skin-Walkers
The Adytum of EarthG: [OK]
An amateur investigator goes in search of the New England Panther and finds quite a bit more than he bargained for.
      Keywords:Adventure   Transformation   Fantasy
 Species:Ape   Panther
The Rape Of The Skin-Walkers - Adult
This story is loosely based on two American Indian (most of them hate the "Native American" thing) legends of the Ponca-Otoe and Kwakiutl tribes. This means I was not the first to think of this twisted sick idea. =) If you want to read other American Indian Legends (many with Coyote and many others X-rated) I highly recommend "American Indian Myths And Legends" edited by Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz, published by Pantheon Books, New York.
      Keywords:M/F   Tribal
Furry Public Library
The idea for the Furry Public Library was born on November 30, 1998 for several reasons. There are numerous archives for furry artwork on the World Wide Web, but comparatively few archives for furry literature. Since there are so few, if one of these archives goes "down" for some reason the furry literary is suddenly limited. With this in mind, I decided to start up a furry story archive so that this fine material is still available for everyfur to enjoy.

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