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Artist's Light - AdultM: [Very Good]
Artist's Light is a story written by me, Don Sanders. It tells the tale of the Chowish Mage, Dsan Tsan, and the exploits of a place called OtherSpace, a place that lies beside the normal dimensions of Earth.
  • Chapter 1 : Chow Gone!   Backup
    The bunnies are up in arms, even his own muse wants a piece of his hide. The chow finds that he has no choice but to take a vacation.
  • Chapter 2 : Chatting with the Doe.   Backup
    Dsan reflects on his life, and a Semi-Anthromorphic Carnivorous Feral Deer Doe.(updated, chapter sanitized, please contact me for orginal)
  • Chapter 3 : Kindered Spirits.   Backup
    At the grotto, Dsan encounters a spirit of a departed artist, he is tasked with a mission, his journey has purpose now.
  • Chapter 4 : A Paradise in Crisis.   Backup
    Dan, the head honcho of the compound tries to figure out what is happening there, meanwhile, his assistant Jerry thinks back to how he came to be involved.
  • Chapter 5 : Unfriendly Skies.   Backup
    Dsan flies across a world, but this chow is involved in a dogfight, his only hope is his clever chowish wit, his charm, and Pies???
  • Chapter 6 : Catfight.   Backup
    Dan is tossed into a feud between two beautiful furs, Alfredo picks up a Mad Bunny, and secrets threaten to be revealed.
  • Chapter 7 : A box full of Sorrow.   Backup
    Dsan travels to the home of Champs the Dilerini artist, his stay there reveals more then he really wanted.
  • Chapter 8 : Wild Hare's Heart.   Backup
    Grab your surfboards, your blankets, and your sunscreen, its a beach party like no other, if Frankie Avalon was a furry, he would be here. Dan confronts Peaches and almost loses it. Jeric arrives with a shipload of shrinks, and Sunshine does what she do best, Shine.
  • Chapter 9 : A turn of a Card
    Dsan returns home to Mengtir to find not only his family waiting for him, but a Femme Unicorn who wants to own him, body and soul!!!
  • Chapter 10 : Hearts that soar
    At last, the cause of the psionic attacks have been found, it seems this little artist's garden has a weed that needs pruning, but the cost is the body of one Plushie and some pain. In this one, a plushie learns how to fly.
  • Chapter 11 : Carved in Stone
    It's the final conflict between Chow and Unicorn. Along the way, Dsan gets help from his teacher and Mentor CragSpire, the Dragon of Earth. Hold on to your seats folks, this chapter ends with several unexpected surprises!!!
  • Chapter 12 : Burning with Artist's Light
    Burning with Artist's Light. Dsan Tsan returns to Gardina as the inhabitants of this little world looks to Dan Evans to lead them foward from their moment of crisis. Dan himself makes a discovery that will change his life forever. Peaches makes her move to reclaim her love. This is the end of Artist's Light, but not the end of the Adventures of Dsan Tsan and the artists and inhabitants of Gardina.
  •       Keywords:SF   Adventure   Fantasy   M/F   Spelling   Plushie
     Species:Chow   Bunny   Deer   Hare   Unicorn   Sugar Glider   Ape

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