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Welcome to the galaxy of Thorhammer. A place, where the most common creatures are Furs and humans. It is a galaxy of danger, beauty and hope. A place where anything can and will happen, a place where everyone's your friend but you're always alone. A galaxy whoose inhabitants deal in survival, the ever powerful credit and the future. Credits surely can buy happiness, and without them you're lost.

Creatures of every form and culture inhabit this realm, every imaginable life-form created and developed in the stars. It can be a cold galaxy, chills entering through the eyes to escape from the heart. And it can be a warm place, with friends and adventures beyond the wildest of dreams. Where everyone lives as if it were their last day.

Together in the thick blackness of the void, everything linked by what cannot be seen or felt but mistake not that it is there. This galaxy slides off the hull of your ship, sticky like molasses. In its depths you will find the soul of yourself and the link between all creatures bestowed with the gift of life. For after all, no one is truly alone...

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  • Chapter 1 : Bounty Hunter's Conscience
  • Chapter 2 : Driftwood
  • Chapter 3 : Competitors
  • Chapter 4 : Feeble Starts
  • Chapter 5 : Rats
  • Chapter 6 : Dirty Deeds
  • Chapter 7 : Conversation Terminality
  • Chapter 8 : Quarthan
  • Chapter 9 : Internal Debates
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     Species:Fox   Wolf

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