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Friends Forever - AdultM: [OK]
This is my series "Friends Forever". It involves a wolf and a horny vixen who sneaks her lover into her bedroom without her parents noticing.
  • Friends Forever 1   Backup
    Matt and Jessica have been friends forever. Jessica sneaks Matt into her room and they make love for the first time. And then they learn the consequences of unprotected sex.
  • Friends Forever 2 : The Honeymoon
    With Matt forced to marry Jessica, their parents pay for their honeymoon in Paris. Site seeing can be real tiresome, but Matt and Jess have found a way not to be miserable or tired at the end of the day.
  • Friends Forever 3 : Daily Life
    Matt comes home from work where Jessica has to "tutor" him for final exams.
  • Friends Forever 4 : Exam Night
    Matt and Jessica come home after taking exams at their school. Matt wants to take his "Final Exam" early and Jessica is happy to get an early start.
  • Friends Forever 5 : Horsing Around
    Matt and Jessica go check up on Matt's horse. Jess reveals a naughty fantasy of hers.
  • Friends Forever 6 : The Birthday Surprise
    Matt comes home from work and Jessica takes Matt out to a spot out in the forest to make love like their ancestors once did.
  • Friends Forever 7 : Enjoying the Fire Works During Summer Break
    Matt and Jessica come home from seeing the 4th of July fireworks. Matt and Jessica decide to make some fireworks of their own.
  • Friends Forever 8 : The Birth
    A quiet night in their appartment is suddenly interrupted when Jessica's water breaks and then goes into labor.
  •       Keywords:Teen   M/F   Oral   Zoo   Public
     Species:Wolf   Fox
    Starfox: An Erotic Story - Adult
    This is my Starfox Erotic Story series based on the SNES and N64 versions of the game "Starfox" and the Starfox comic published by Nintendo Power back in 1993.
  • Starfox: An Erotic StoryA 1   Backup: 1 2
    Fox is fast asleep in his quarters. Fara just doesn't want to let the night slip away. She wants to spend some time with her lover.
  • Starfox: An Erotic StoryA 2 : Bill Yiffs With Katt   Backup: 1 2
    Bill comes home from work, but Katt wants to do more than sit around and watch TV.
  • Starfox: An Erotic StoryA 3 : The Conception of Fox McCloud   Backup: 1 2
    This is a story about how Fox McCloud's parents, James and Vixy, met. Vixy is sitting on the roof of the Cornerian Military building, reading, when the man of her dreams entered her life.
  • Starfox: An Erotic StoryA 4 : We're Not Just Friends Anymore   Backup: 1 2
    Matt and Jessica have been friends since they were born. Just recently, they had became lovers. Jessica wants to take their relationship one step further. Matt is not sure whether he wants to do this, and Jessica tries to talk him into it.
  • Starfox: An Erotic StoryA 5 : Honeymoon on New Zoness   Backup
    It's Matt and Jessica's honeymoon. They go to New Zoness where they have a dolphin experience that they'll never forget.
  • Starfox: An Erotic StoryA 6 : Bill and Fox: The Academy Years   Backup
    Fox and Bill are at the Cornerian Academy undergoing flight training. They have the same bunk and they both have a very naughty secret.
  • Starfox: An Erotic StoryA 7 : Fox and Fara Back At It   Backup
    Fara wants another kit, and Fox is happy to help make one.
  • Starfox: An Erotic StoryA 8 : Fara Fingers Herself   Backup
    The Starfox Team is out investigating a distress call. Fara is pregnant, so she had to stay onboard Great Fox. She's bored, but finds something to do.
  • Starfox: An Erotic StoryA 9 : The Wife Swapping   Backup
    The Starfox Team comes back from a patrol mission. Fara, still pregnant, got to stay onboard Great Fox. Everyone goes to their quarters, and Fox and Bill look forward to an evening them and their wives had planned.
  • Starfox: An Erotic StoryA 10 : A Night To Themselves   Backup
    Fara and Katt have a night all to themselves. And then they start being dirty.
  • Starfox: An Erotic StoryA 11 : The Orgy   Backup
    Matt and Jessica are back from their honeymoon. They stay at Jessica's house for the night. Bill and Katt invite Fox and Fara over for an orgy.
  • Starfox: An Erotic StoryA 12 : The Orgy 2   Backup
    Matt and Jessica invite their friend Tracy and her boyfriend, Brian, over for an orgy.
  • Starfox: An Erotic StoryA 13 : My Fantasy   Backup
    This is MY fantasy. :)
  • Starfox: An Erotic StoryA 14 : Planting Seed   Backup
    Fara crash lands her arwing on Titania. Amazingly, she is unhurt, but as she sleeps, she is woken up by a horny plant.
  • Starfox: An Erotic StoryA 15 : Katt Gets Raped   Backup
    Katt has a traumatic experience. She is captured and raped, although it doesn't end there.
  • Starfox: An Erotic StoryA 16 : Bored   Backup
    Katt and Fara are once again left onboard Great Fox as the rest of the team battles StarWolf. They both decide to go back to their old habits.
  • Starfox: An Erotic StoryA 17 : Home Alone   Backup
    Katt is bored and finds a carrot. She decides to make good use of her time.
  • Starfox: An Erotic StoryA 18 : The Threesome   Backup
    Bill is sick at home, but that doesn't stop the others from having a good time.
  • Starfox: An Erotic StoryA 19 : All Tied Up   Backup
    Fox finds some extra rope in storage and finds a good use for it.
  • Starfox: An Erotic StoryA 20 : Wolf's Night to Yiff   Backup
    This story is to show you that even the leader of StarWolf can have a yiffy time.A
  • Starfox: An Erotic StoryA 21 : The Spy Who Loved Leon   Backup
    Leon is about to torture a Conerian spy, but things go much differently than he had planned.
  •       Keywords:M/F   StarFox   Teen   Oral   Zoo   M/M   Orgy   Masturbation   Rape   F/F   BD
     Species:Fox   Feline   Husky   Lion   Wolf   Tiger   Plant

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