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Akaelae, the family name of the primary bearers of the 'Elite Curse' as it has come to be known among those who bear it, but a gift to those who lack it. The world the past generations of the Elite built and set into motion has prospered greatly under the guidance of the Akaelaes and gradually as they were no longer needed they faded from their time in control of the great empire to live their lives in peaceful obscurity ... until now.
  • Akaelae Chapter 1
    The first of the many stories of the Omega Elite, from the beginning of the third generation, the current generation. Omega Elite - Genesis. In this beginning story we start out with three young wolves and a small inconsistancy in their lives.
  • Akaelae Chapter 2
    Story two, essentially chapter two. In this followup, the same young wolves, go do a little bit of research in their school.
  • Sheana
    This takes place between chapters two and three, basically it's about Sheana and what she did in the Undercity Base.
  • Akaelae Chapter 3
    Part Three of Akaelae. Wolf shows up again, along with Flare and takes a prisoner.
  • Akaelae Chapter 4
    Part Four of Akaelae. Sheana, Celina and Alpha come up with a plan to rescue their friend, ... by using Darrik as bait.
  •       Keywords:Adventure
     Species:Fox   Wolf
    Danie, is a story in the history of the Cyantian Fox, one of the Icons of their day, but stories change depending on whom tells them and this is one of those stories. It is meant to go along with Vic's Journal. Danie is Corona's grandmother, out of the Underground.
  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5
  • Chapter 6
  •  Species:Fox
    The Underground
    The Underground, a collective name for a band of refugees from Cyantzium who ended up in an old long forgotten experimental nuclear shelter beneath the White House. Of course, this raises many security issues for the White House itself and those who know about them. Who could not know? It's very hard to coverup the fact that there are half a dozen Fox-like creatures and half a dozen dinosaurs living in Washington DC when they crashlanded in the backyard of the White House itself.
  • Part 1
    This story takes place on the planet of Cyantzium and explains what occured to the rest of the Fox people that reside on that planet, as well as an invasion of individuals who are destroying the very land the Fox need to survive.
  • Part 2
    The handful of surviving Fox, lead by Tira Wrashoen are forced to evacuate their temporary home and escape aboard a space craft ... and wind up in a place unlike any they have ever seen.
  • Part 3
    Tira runs a solo mission with Thief and Scatter to regain a few supplies from their abandoned ship.
  • Part 4
    The Shivae go out on their own and Syke winds up in a small bit of trouble.
  • Part 5
    Another trip to the surface for more general supplies, such as .. beds winds up with one of the Fox being captured.
  • Part 6
    Vic finds out what life is like behind bars for a short time before rescued by a previously unknown Fox, who refers to herself as Silver.
    Urban Survivors, Tales of the Koyoti
    The Koyotis are a dying culture of Cyantians who have lost much in a little bit of time. They are highly adaptive when given the chance and that is what this series of stories is about. The cunning and adaptiveness of the Koyotis who have made their homes on Earth... in Oklahoma City of all places.
  • Chapter 1
    Cass, the prince of Aldia City-State embarks on a journey to find himself, one of many he's going to be taking. This was originally written as a short story that didn't get accepted because I am much better at writing long stories. This is the last story I wrote and has some fairly emotional overtones.
    Tamera is the story of another Fox kit, this one black furred and not really old enough to know what's going on in the world around her as she's transported from Cyantia to an entirely new place where her family thinks there might be freedom for her to grow up without the constant threat of death... they might have been wrong.

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