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The Levithian Saga
Adventures and exploits of a varied group of anthro-Animals, and their Nemesis the panther Grendle.
Miavir:There are full character descriptions on the main page.
  • Prequel 1: New blood rises from the Sea
    The creation, and escape of the Levithians, the rudiments of society begin to form.
  • Prequel 2: Finding a Home, Triton's tale.
  • The Endless Ocean meets the Coast
    Embark upon a journey of discovery in the prelude and first known adventure of the Levithians. This script is the starting of a grand adventure, the first known encounter with Grendle where his opponent was not eaten. It introduces the series and puts out the flavor before the unit becomes occupied with Grendle.
  • In to the sea, and back to land, allies abound, humanity mourns a demonic act
    Follow the group to their second adventure, meet the new recruits. This chapter ventures into Tritons past, and the further development of many characters.. and the entrance of a furry ball of energy.
  • A Tale of Two Otters
    See the wonders of the Pacific ocean, the third adventure. This adventure centers around the mysterious disappearance of two of the levithian members, the search for them takes Triton to a place only existing in your wildest imaginations.... Or the depths of the sea. What tresures does the sea hold?
  • Desertion is a Dish Best Served Hot
    Follow the trail of those who dared to cross the cats path, (adding new scene, will notify when complete). Another pivotal script where we learn about the dissent in Grendle's army, the tale of a mass desertion that is doomed for failure.. until help comes from the most unassuming form.
  • A Hare's Duty, The Quest for Nova
    Journey off with a Hare in search of high adventure (Series B). (The start of Muddy's first Grand Quest), Some doubts arise about his competence in leading, fate drives the group to the scene of a tragic stand against Grendle. Is their a devilish spy in the group, are they harboring a Grendleite.
  • Ambushed
    Follow a lead to Grendle with Triton in the lead(Series A). During a slow time at base the group follows a promising lead only to find much more than they bargained for, including a changed creature from an earlier script.
  • Growth
    The Levithians get some payback for their previous victories, and a growing experience for many.(Series A) The Rock is a fortress beyond compare, but a certain type of adversary can use it to the detriment of the Levithians.
  • Any Port in a Storm
    Return to the plight of the Manta unit, revisit old places, and clues to secrets...or are they really just false leads?(Series B) (online)Muddy's group rides the Manta into a shipwreck, a disaster or a boon. Has fate spat on Muddy or given him the chance encounter he needed to cement his right to comand the good ship Manta.
  • The Pot Boils over
    The time of action has come, the Levithians have been forced into battle while many are missing, the plot lines are twisting back together (Series A) A new group appears to fight against Grendle, a mysterious red wolf emerges from nothing, And Triton leads his warriors in a rescue mission.
  • Land Ho! The Return of the Questers
    The Manta is finally ready to dock for the climatic battle (Series B). The ship of heroes is closing in on their target, questions may be answered, but from now on there is no heading back. (OK I couldn't think of much to describe this simple preperation script.) (offline)
  • A Tisket, a Tasket, Grendle in A Basket
    It's Finally here, the script where our heroes meet Grendle, so much action it is nearly three times the size of any other script here. And now on to "A Tisket a Tasket Grendle in a Basket". (online) The finale of the first part of the Trilogy) This is one of the "Must Read" Scripts. This one is the authors favorite so far.
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