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Shattered - AdultM: [OK]
Miavir:Very short and sad.
This is my first story written. I started it about 5 years ago, but I haven't worked on it since about 3 years ago, and thus it kind of cuts off in the middle. Briefly, the storyline revolves around a few furries involved in a war in the future. There is a war between humans and furs, and the opening shots are being taken. There is not much adult content, so it should be clean and readable for all. Comments, concerns, requests to continue should be sent to my e-mail.
  • Part 1
    Introduction; the team is formed and lands on Earth
  • Part 2
    Earth's defenses move to stop the team while the furs work on sneaking into the city
  • Part 3
    Furs make the snatch and prepare to leave, minus one member
  • Part 4
    Humans on the AFF home planet, while Foxy discovers his fate
  • Part 5
    Foxy is inducted into prison
  • Part 6
    Humans attempt to stave off war by negotiation
  • Part 7
    Escape plans form as the humans prepare covert operations on the AFF home planet
  • Technical Specifications
    'Technical Manual' of some of the ships in RTHSG
  •       Keywords:Military   SF

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