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Things in Common - Adult
      Keywords:M/M   Orgy   Teen
 Species:Wolf   Husky   Fox   Bear
New Arrivals - Adult
      Keywords:M/M   Teen   Violence
 Species:Fox   Tiger
New Arrivals, the Alternate Story - Adult
If you read the first one and thought that it was really nice, well, in this one Ricky doesn't turn out so happy. I wrote this cuz I've got a thing for NC sometimes, and now is one of them, and a friend of mine gave me the idea. I thought I'd work with it and see what I turn out with, and, well, here it is. Again I warn you, this has made some people upset that I did this to Ricky. Keep in mind this isn't what really happened, the first "New Arrivals" story is the real one, this is just a theoretical possibility.
      Keywords:M/M   Orgy   Rape   Violence
2 Foxes Meet in the Woods - Adult

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