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Canine Pleasures - Adult
      Keywords:M/F   Road Rovers
Anilam IV
It's been over a year since the end of the Dominion War and the Federation is now turning it's eyes toward colonization again instead of war. Anilam IV is one of the first to be colonized. The system has no strategic value and was left alone during the entire war. The colonizing ship S.S. MAYFLOWER has landed and the colony's capital of Leonardville established, named after the recently deceased legend Admiral Leonard McCoy. But the tides of fate are going to turn the colony of Anilam IV into an oddity never before seen.
      Keywords:Star-Trek   FanFic   Anthology
It's In the Booze
A new marines corps squadron sets up shop during WWII, but the Japanese have left a little surprise for them.
 Sequel:Sake To Me, Baby
Sake To Me, Baby
Realizing their mistake, the Japanese throw everything they have to destroy the sake they left behind.

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