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Why? - Adult
  • Daniel
    Well, this is the first one in the Why? series, the one that got my muse off her butt again after several years of silence. It follows a golden Fox, Nakira, just after she arrives home and walks in on her husband. Sadly, it's not my best work, not by any stretch, I've got stories from when I was 7 and 8 that I feel are better, but this was a bit of an experiment for me, trying to write about a very emotional topic, and both portray and convey the emotions as best I can at the same time. I'm happy with how it turned out, but I still wish it had been better.
  • Awake Yet?
    This is the second story in the Why? series, written very shortly after the first story. It follows Nakira as she wakes up, strapped down in a hospital bed. *mischevious grin* These two could well be linked together as one story, but I wanted to split them up as they do happen a while apart, and don't like "X days later..." lines in stories at all, myself.
  •       Keywords:Language   Suicide   Violence   Furry Freedom
     Species:Fox   Leopard

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