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Ye gods . . . No I'm not religious. Quite the oposite in fact. It's just a nasty habit I picked up while reading Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. I'm English (RULE BRITANNIA) and currently go to Hertfordshire University where I'm studing Aerospace Systems Design (Aircraft design) and where I'm the secretary of the campus sci-fi club, PSiFA.

While it's not true to say I've written a lot of stories, I have started a lot. 'The Corporation' is one of the few I've actually finished. That may change over the summer holidays. By hobby, I read a lot of science fiction and a little fantasy. I'm a 'theoretical engineer'. That is to say I know the theory of technology. A theoretical physicist would tell you that warp drive works by selectively crushing and expending space. I'd tell you the official version, the proper Star Trek theory behind that, and several ways of doing it better! ;-) Alternatively, I could tell you that werewolves really could exist. And how you'd need to fidle reality to make it work.

I can be reached via e-mail and welcome any criticism, praise or other that you have about any of my stories you've read. However, BE WARNED! If what you say makes any sense I'll respond and bleed you dry of useful information.



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The Corporation
A new vice president has his first meeting with the president of a very special corporation.

I wrote 'The Corporation' during my 2nd retake of GCSE English. I got an A for the story and a B that year instead of Ds.

 Species:Demon   Ape
Werewolf War
There was a war. Not a world war, more a second Vietnam. The reasons for the conflict were not important. It ended in a stalemate anyway. What did make the war important was that it was the first time genetically modified soldiers were used. Unfinished.
Sheep in Wolf's Clothing - Adult
This is my current long term project.I can't tell you much with out giving away to much. It is, (or rather it will be when finished), a novel which charts the beginning of a relationship (is that obscure enough?) between two parallel worlds. But I haven't got that far yet. Reading the first chapter will help.

  • Verbal Movie Trailer   Backup
  • Prelude   Backup
  • Chapter 1 : Holding a tiger by the tail . . .   Backup
    (From the tiger's point of view.)
  • Chapter 2 : . . . and letting go   Backup
    This is, I'm sorry to say, the worst part. I plead watching one too many episodes of ALF. But it does get better!
  • Chapter 3 : Out of the frying pan . . .   Backup
  • Chapter 4 : Curioser and curioser   Backup
  • Chapter 5 : The morning after the night before   Backup
  • Chapter 6 : Welcome to Camp Triconda
  • Recovery   Backup
    A 'Sheep in Wolf's Clothing' Story fragment
  • Feelings   Backup
    After a long time spent wrestling with the plot, I have decided that 'Feelings' will not and never can be a part of 'Sheep In Wolf's Clothing'. However I shall leave it here for anyone interested in a little low grade smut. For those of you interested in high grade smut, be aware that I am now working on mark II. ;-)
  •       Keywords:SF   Romance   M/F
     Species:Wolf   Ape
    Slave - Adult
    This is intended to be an answer to all those stories where the voluptuous sex slave finds out that her life isn't all that bad after all ... It is without doubt the darkest I've ever written. Nothing bad has happened so far though. That's all still to come.

    When Brox was sold at a sex slave auction to a tall male wolf who insisted on being called 'General' instead of 'Master', he never guessed at what secrets the wolf or the ship he worked on (which appeared to be an old and uneconomically large ore freighter) could contain ...

          Keywords:Furry Freedom   SF
     Species:Fox   Wolf
    Fox Hunt
    A fox who demonstrates unusual intelligence is rescued from a hunt. My attempt at a Furry Freedom formula story. There's a couple of pages there, but it's not my best work. It was an idea that was added to until it was more extensions than foundations, and it began to fall apart. I've decided to put this on the back burner for a while.
          Keywords:Furry Freedom

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