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I, Ralya - AdultM: [Very Good]
A young Lupani comes of age.
Miavir:There is also a Calendar of the New Age chronicling events in this Universe.
 Sequel:Daughter Mine
      Keywords:Fantasy   M/F
 Species:Feline   Wolf
Daughter MineM: [OK]
Ralya gives birth to her half-Acini baby and deals with the consequences.
 Sequel:The Joining
 Species:Feline   Wolf
The Storm
Placed in the same world as the I, Ralya series, but it deals with a Vulponi village. I think the story is a little cheesy...

But some people have said that they enjoyed it.

The Joining - Adult
Ralya's marriage to Trrl.
 Sequel:Messenger of the Guardians
Messenger of the Guardians
The Acini village moves to its wintering grounds and receives a message of the future.
On a Hot Summer Night
A lupine prostitute gets what she needs. (It's a rather gruesome joke. Do you get it?)
 Species:Wolf   Ape
Crazy Kitty with the Shiny Shoes and the Cow that Jumped Over the Moon
Have you ever tried to read a story to a child?
      Keywords:Humor   Fairy-Tale
 Species:Feline   Cow
The Revelation
What keeps the carnivores from... well, eating the herbivores?
 Species:Rat   Rabbit

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