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   Author:Larry Bemel

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The Spokane Brawl (with Brian W. Antoine, Adrian F. VanWormer, Luis Thomas) - AdultM: [Very Good]
It was a beautiful day in May 1995. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, the bees were buzzing, the aliens were doing alien type things in the privacy of their spaceships. A day when everything was right with the worlds.
Miavir:And then things got weird... This collects Adrian's Head, Brian's head, and a few others.
  • Adrian's Head 1   Backup
  • Brian's Head 1   Backup
  • Adrian's head 1 - Epilog   Backup
  • Louis's Head 0
  • Brian's Head 2   Backup
  • Adrian's Head 2   Backup
  • Brian's Head 3   Backup
  • Adrian's Head 3   Backup
  • Fox's Head A New Face   Backup
  • Fox's Head The Start of Some Changes   Backup
  • Brian's Head 4   Backup
  • Adrian's Head 4   Backup
  • Louis's Head 1
  • Brian's Head 5   Backup
  • Fox's Head Awakings 1   Backup
  • Louis's Head 2
  • Adrian's Head 5   Backup
  • Brian's Head 6   Backup
  • Adrian's Head 6   Backup
  • Brian's Head 7   Backup
  • Fox's Head History 1   Backup
  • Louis's Head 3
  • Adrian's Head 7   Backup
  • Fox's Head Council of War
  • Brian's Head 8   Backup
  • Adrian's Head 7 Epilog   Backup
  • Brian's Head 9   Backup
  • Fox's Head Aftermath
  • Adrian's Head 8   Backup
  • Louis's Head 4
  • Brian's Head 10   Backup
  • Fox's Head The Start of Some Problems
  • Adrian's Head 9
  • Fox's Head Problems Grow
  • Brian's Head 11   Backup
  • Brian's Head 12   Backup
  • Adrian's Head 10   Backup
  • Adrian's Head 11   Backup
  • Adrian's Head 12   Backup
  •       Keywords:Weird   Humor
     Species:Bat   Ape   Dragon   Fox

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