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The Velan Central Library - Terran Annex (with Adrian F. VanWormer, Bob Kirkpatrick)M: [Very Good]
These are the collected stories of the Family nas Kan. They, as a collection, vary from drama to humor to space opera to whatever we were feeling like writing at the moment. Please note that I didn't mention erotica, there are much better sources for that kind of story available around the network. The characters in these stories are both human and anthropomorphic (furry) and any given story might contain a wide spectrum of characters.
Miavir:A large archive of Furry stories, too many to list here.

Some related stories:
A Penny in Your Thoughts
A Day in the Life of a Councilheir
 Sequel:The Road Not Taken
      Keywords:Anthology   SF
 Species:Fox   Dragon   Cat   Ape
The Spokane Brawl (with Adrian F. VanWormer, Luis Thomas, Larry Bemel) - AdultM: [Very Good]
It was a beautiful day in May 1995. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, the bees were buzzing, the aliens were doing alien type things in the privacy of their spaceships. A day when everything was right with the worlds.
Miavir:And then things got weird... This collects Adrian's Head, Brian's head, and a few others.
  • Adrian's Head 1   Backup
  • Brian's Head 1   Backup
  • Adrian's head 1 - Epilog   Backup
  • Louis's Head 0
  • Brian's Head 2   Backup
  • Adrian's Head 2   Backup
  • Brian's Head 3   Backup
  • Adrian's Head 3   Backup
  • Fox's Head A New Face   Backup
  • Fox's Head The Start of Some Changes   Backup
  • Brian's Head 4   Backup
  • Adrian's Head 4   Backup
  • Louis's Head 1
  • Brian's Head 5   Backup
  • Fox's Head Awakings 1   Backup
  • Louis's Head 2
  • Adrian's Head 5   Backup
  • Brian's Head 6   Backup
  • Adrian's Head 6   Backup
  • Brian's Head 7   Backup
  • Fox's Head History 1   Backup
  • Louis's Head 3
  • Adrian's Head 7   Backup
  • Fox's Head Council of War
  • Brian's Head 8   Backup
  • Adrian's Head 7 Epilog   Backup
  • Brian's Head 9   Backup
  • Fox's Head Aftermath
  • Adrian's Head 8   Backup
  • Louis's Head 4
  • Brian's Head 10   Backup
  • Fox's Head The Start of Some Problems
  • Adrian's Head 9
  • Fox's Head Problems Grow
  • Brian's Head 11   Backup
  • Brian's Head 12   Backup
  • Adrian's Head 10   Backup
  • Adrian's Head 11   Backup
  • Adrian's Head 12   Backup
  •       Keywords:Weird   Humor
     Species:Bat   Ape   Dragon   Fox
    Tales of the Black-RoseM: [Very Good]
    These are the collected stories of Kyrn the Assassin, or "The Black Rose" as he is called by those who only know him by his reputation. Unlike the Family nas Kan series I write, these stores are intended to be self contained for the most part. You won't find huge epic saga's here, that isn't what Kyrn was created for.

    The Tales:
    Retirement Party
    Things That Go Bump in the Night
    Retirement PartyM: [Very Good]
    The day Kyrn retired from the assassins guild, he expected to spend a nice quiet evening with his sister. Then fate (and a certain vixen) stepped in. *grin*
    Part of Tales of the Black-Rose.
     Sequel:Things That Go Bump in the Night
    Things That Go Bump in the Night - AdultM: [Very Good]
    Kyrn's sister is having problems, one of her employees vanished. Things get interesting when she calls in Kyrn to help figure out what happened.
    Part of Tales of the Black-Rose.
    The Road Not Taken
    The original Family nas Kan series started during the fall of 1992. About a year into the series, I took a bit of a left turn and began writing a series of alternate timeline stories using the same core characters. There weren't very many written and they have never been made available beyond the original postings to spk.literary, until now.

    Miavir:Not a proper sequel, but close enough and I don't want to rewrite my softare to take it into account ;-)

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