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Shadow of Oblivion - Adult
Miavir:A dark story of a young lutrai slave who breaks his chains, yet can he break the chains of his own mind ?
      Keywords:Violence   Fantasy
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Nothing Personal
Miavir:Engineer 2nd class Ollie takes up the fight against pirates who have invaded his spaceship.
 Species:Otter   Fox
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Out of DarknessM: [Good]
This was a slightly more serious work that evolved from my interest in RPGs. The characters are actually RPG characters, which I included in original format just to satisfy the gamer part of me (and possibly you). This one will take longer to complete.

I created the concept of Rym a few years ago; a world of hopeless struggle against a seemingly unstoppable destructive force known as The Eater. I wanted a world where the only real heroes are those played by the PCs, and that it will set in motion that which might save the dying world. Through ancient Creator ruins, across the vast wastelands of the Emptiness, to the tropical causeways and the war-torn middle kingdoms, Rym set the stage for two campaigns, dozens of illustrations, and the full development of the lutrai.

  • Part 1
  • Characters
  •       Keywords:Graphics   Fantasy
     Species:Otter   Faerie   Dragon

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