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   Author:Cinnamon DeWolf

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Alias:Brian Thomas
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Having Some Friends Over For Dinner - Adult
Cinnamon, a wolf, has his fox invite some of his friends over for dinner...
Miavir:See also Cruelty, which was written in response to this one, and Dinner II which was probably inspired by it.
      Keywords:Macro   Violence   M/M   Snuff   Vorarephile
 Species:Wolf   Fox
Some Lessons Start Easy - Adult
This one I wrote to be extremely lighthearted. I guess it could be considered an erotic story, but it's mostly just funny with sex thrown in. I wrote it in like an hour and a half and never touched it again, which is why some of the dialogue comes off as sort of stilted. But I'm pretty proud of it, if you're laughing with an erection I did my job correctly.
      Keywords:M/M   Watersports   Public   Orgy
Backup:1 2
When I Was Young - Adult
The story of how Cinnamon became how he is.
      Keywords:Orgy   Anal   Teen   Oral   Public   M/M
Backup:1 2
Open 24 Hours - Adult
Kevin spends some time with a wolf at the gym late one night.
      Keywords:M/M   BD   Oral   Public
 Species:Wolf   Fox
Backup:1 2
Interview - Adult
Towen Gerrick interviews for a position at Silicon Dynamics.
      Keywords:M/M   Oral
 Species:Wolf   Snow Leopard
Backup:1 2
Cinnamon and Freela - Adult
Cinnamon and Freela go to the mall.
      Keywords:M/F   Public
 Species:Wolf   Fox
Consecration - Adult
Andrys goes through the rituals and rites of passage of a growing Radoqn.
      Keywords:M/M   Teen   Oral   Public   Watersports   Historical   Religion
Learning - Adult
A wolf takes up a fascination with a dragon in a bath house.
      Keywords:M/M   Historical   BD   Oral   Public   Voyeur   Watersports
 Species:Wolf   Dragon
Exercise - Adult
Two characters play for dominance in a corridor.
      Keywords:SF   M/M   BD   Anal   Humiliation   Public
Strip Tease - Adult
Just what the title says.
 Species:Wolf   Fox

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