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Factsheet for the Ch'rai (Vulpes Subterraneus)M: [OK]
Species outline and description of the ch'rai (subterranean fox).
      Keywords:Fantasy   Non-Story
Matthew's Lament - AdultM: [Good]
I was holding this story back, thinking that I might actually get it published somewhere, but every magazine I submit work to has a nasty habit of going out of business, so here it is. It's supposed to be a brief introduction to vulpine succubi. Let me know what you think!
      Keywords:Fantasy   Suicide
 Species:Fox   Demon
Vulpine Succubus Fact SheetM: [OK]
Species outline and description of vulpine succubi/incubi.
 Species:Fox   Demon
Aker-Slash (with Jimmy Chin)M: [Mediocre]
The *last* A. A. Milne tale, written by William Haas and Jimmy Chin and various people on McBBS over a prolonged and heated period. All characters that aren't mine and Jimmy's, copyright, their respective owners, otherwise copyrighted by us, about 1988 or so. Nasty tale concerning Winnie the Pooh and friends, Harry and Cabbage, and several Gainesville celebrities.
      Keywords:Parody   Violence
Note:This story seems to have moved. Anybody knowing a new URL for it please contact Miavir.
Jinx the Farting Cat Meets ElvisM: [Mediocre]
Started as the beginning of a story board on a VAX BBS in college, it only got one response and I ended up writing most of it myself.
AristheronM: [Good]
[no title] A short bit I wrote for inclusion in the Confurence 4 convention program/gift book. Appeared with inked sketch of what ultimately became "Aristheron and Aristrides" [AriAndAri.ash.jpg].
Miavir:Title assigned so it won't confuse my software :-)
 Species:Fox   Demon
Gainesville Bill and the Last CharadeM: [Mediocre]
Written back in college (not on a BBS this time), it stars me, Jimmy Chin, some people we know, a lot more people we don't know, and of course Jinx the Farting Cat. As you may be able to figure out from the title, it's a parody of "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade," with a lot of other movies sucked into it also.
      Keywords:Adventure   Parody
This bit is thoroughly an inside joke and should make no sense at all.
      Keywords:Humor   Weird
A Dog And Her Bone - AdultM: [Very Good]
A smutty Victorian-type furry porn story. I was hoping to have published this someplace, but I could never get the illustrator to actually illustrate it, so I never did anything with it.
      Keywords:Fantasy   M/F   Violence
 Species:Fox   German Shepherd
Cruelty - AdultM: [Mediocre]
A response to a cruel snuff story written by another person. My object was to take the main character of that story, a clever and dominant wolf, and break him in a completely believable way. I know it's very nasty... it's supposed to be.
Miavir:The story refered to is Having Some Friends Over For Dinner.
      Keywords:Violence   Vorarephile   Snuff
Furry Art - How to???
Miavir:Not really a story, but a humorous response by Astoreth on the Usenet News about how to draw Furry art.
      Keywords:Humor   Non-Story
Rodney Photon and the Electromagnetic Warriors.
Space opera about a handsome and psychotic hero. I wrote this in college; Jimmy Chin and I were going to do a 'graphic novel' version of this, but we never got past the first page or two.
      Keywords:Parody   SF   Adventure
Beginning - AdultM: [Good]
This story isn't one that I'd consider part of the official canon of Mnemora and Arial stories; it seems to me that origin stories crop up way too much, especially in fantasy fiction, but this was one of those stories that I felt needed to be told just to get facts set down and out of the way. Initially it was just going to help explain why Mnemora and Arial are the sort of individuals they are, and why they dislike their creator so, but what I should have foreseen and didn't was that I'd need to explore Grentvark's personality and show something about how he works, something I don't think I did adequately in "Lies." This story also took far too long to complete, given its actual content.
      Keywords:Fantasy   Adventure   Humor   Hermaphrodite
Lies - AdultM: [Good]
This is a story starring Mnemora and Arial, two identical hermaphroditic vixen familiars, who have escaped from their master, but still have to contend with him trying to reclaim them. This story is about a pivotal point in their lives and in their relationship with their former master.
      Keywords:Humor   Fantasy   Adventure   Hermaphrodite
Mnemora and Arial's Character Fact Sheet
Mnemora and Arial character outline/description.
      Keywords:Non-Story   Fantasy   Hermaphrodite
SoupM: [Mediocre]
1988 - The beginning of a "Superman: The Movie" parody. I never finished it, but somehow it works very well on its own.
Miavir:Title selected by the File name of the story since a full title is absent.
      Keywords:Fantasy   Parody   NF   Superhero
The Feast - AdultM: [Mediocre]
1989 - Yet another nasty bit written during my angstful college years.
Miavir:Very Short, and very Dark and violent.
      Keywords:NF   Horror   Violence   Weird
Beneath - AdultM: [Mediocre]
1988? - Another one of the inevitable bits written on a BBS at the University of Florida as part of a story board. It had nothing to do with the current story.
Miavir:Also short, dark, and violent (though less so than 'The Feast')

Title selected by the File name of the story since a full title is absent.

      Keywords:NF   Horror   Violence   Weird
Harry 'n Cabbage's Summer VacationM: [Mediocre]
1988? - The beginning to an incomplete Harry and Cabbage story.
      Keywords:Parody   SF   Adventure   NF
Aster HallM: [Mediocre]
1988 - This was the second piece of text that resulted from a rather vivid dream I had of standing in a courtyard full of antique furniture and large gold coins while it was pouring rain in the middle of the night.
      Keywords:Gothic   NF
VisageM: [OK]
Miavir:Very short.
      Keywords:Horror   NF
The Princess Bride(Groom) (with Simon Leo Barber)
This is a longish tale I produced last year, in collaboration with Ashtoreth. It co-stars his Chaotic Neutral (Heading towards Chaotic Evil on a bad-hair-day) hermaphrodite foxes, Arial and Mnemora.

I'd decided to write a fun tale of no redeeming social or moral value whatsoever, and this is what happened . It's somewhat R-rated in places.

      Keywords:Gothic   Plushie   Hermaphrodite

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