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An Introduction To Chakats - AdultM: [Good]
This article is intended to give a general overview of their physiology and mental outlook. Although it goes into detail in various areas, it is not intended to be a comprehensive essay. Many aspects of this species are still being discovered.
  • Introduction to Chakats
  • Alien Races In The Chakat Universe
  • Notes on Mates in Chakat Society
    A short text on the mating customs of Chakats.
  • Note that Chakats also appear in the following tales:
    The Lonely Stellar Guide to Chakona
    Forest Tales
    The Admiral & the Chakat
    Turning Point
    Academy Tails: "Orientation"
    Tales Of The Foxtaur Clans
    Star Dancer
    Quickpaw, The College Years
    Chicken Soup For The Would Be Chakat Soul
    Real Chakats Don't Need Instructions
    Night's Daughter
    The Ties That Bind
          Keywords:Graphics   SF   Non-Story
    Forest Tales - AdultM: [Very Good]
    The Chakats are my creation and one is my personal alter-ego. In order to get them more well known and to show what they are about, I started writing a story about them. That story has grown into a continuing series based on the lives and loves of Chakat Forestwalker and hir family. I hope to explore their complex relationships and entertain you with their exploits.

    Please be aware that this is an adult series and many episodes contain sex scenes, although I hasten to add that they are done as tastefully as possible. Also, as the stories have progressed, my story-writing skills have improved slightly, so hopefully you will find the latter tales are better.

    I have included some links to some relevant illustrations, plus a number of chakat pictures that don't relate to any particular story currently in print. Please also check out the series "The Admiral & the Chakat" which is a spin-off from the main story that concentrates more on the erotica, but still contains many tidbits of information about this unique species. Please read and enjoy. TAIL HIGH!

    Miavir:Follow the above link to find the unrelated illustrations.
    Images:Genneral Illustrations
    Goldfur's Pride
    is a recent family portrait featuring Goldfur and hir mates Garrek and Malena, plus their cubs, Eudora and Blaze.
  • Forest Tales 1 : Reunion
    Illustrations: Forestwalker & Kris Rescuer
  • Forest Tales 2 : Partnerships
    Illustrations: Greeting Introductions Enraged
  • Forest Tales 3 : Fulfillment
    Illustrations: Introducing Garrek Fullfillment
  • Forest Tales 4 : Family
    Illustration: Learning How to Make Love
  • Forest Tales 5 : Recreation
    Illustrations: Foxtaur Archer, Splashdown Imminent, and Desperate Reach.
  • Forest Tales 6 : Goldfur's Story
    Illustrations: Goldfur & Mecha, What The...?, Ever Do It In A Battlemech?, and A-Hemm! by Roy D. Pounds.
  • Forest Tales 7 : Garrek's Story
    Illustrations: True Love, and Double the Pleasure (the last by Roy D. Pounds).
  • Forest Tales 8 : Birth
    Illustration: The Birth of Eudora Whitepaw. After the 3:00am Feed is a scene with Quickpaw that occurs between stories after FT#8. (both by Roy D. Pounds).
  • Forest Tales 9 : Clans
  • Forest Tales 10 : Crisis
  • Supplementary: The Love Scene
    There is a love scene between Forestwalker and Malena that I decided to take out of the main text because I felt that it was pretty much gratuitous and didn't significantly further the story. However, for the sake of completeness and for those who like love scenes, you can read about it here.
  • Forest Tales 11 : Lessons
  • Forest Tales 12 : Mates
  • Forest Tales 13 : Ketta's Fate
  • Forest Tales 14 : Midnight Incident
  • Forest Tales 15 : Unthinkable Deeds
  • Forest Tales 16 : Transformations - Part One
  • A Dramatis Personae
    to help you keep track of who is who.
  • Timeline
    Keep track of what happened when and to whom!
  • A Chakat story. See also An Introduction To Chakats.
          Keywords:SF   Graphics
     Species:Foxtaur   Chakat
    The Wish - Adult
    Inspired by a couple of wonderful Terrie Smith drawings. If you want to see the picture which brought about the first story, you will just have to buy a copy of South Fur Lands, Sex & Violence, issue #1 (In which this story also appears). You can find out how to get this and the regular G-rated issues by taking a peek at the SFL homepage.
    Miavir:Marla gets her wish,... but as usual it's not quite what she wished after all.

    See also 'The Dream' by Terry Knight.

     Sequel:Second Chance
          Keywords:Fantasy   Transformation   Hermaphrodite   Masturbation
    Second Chance - Adult
    Miavir:Marla asks a friend to help her with her predicament, but finds it isn't THAT easy to get rid of.

    This story appeared in the Fanzine South Fur Lands's Sex &: Violence #2 Supplement.

    The Admiral & the Chakat (with Boyce Garald Kline Jr.)M: [Very Good]
    These stories were not originally written as such; they were private email interactions between our characters. However, it was felt that they would make interesting side stories. These are basically erotica pieces, but you will still pick up tidbits of information about Chakat customs and pleasures. They are written in parallel with the main storyline of Forest Tales and will occasionally make reference to events happening, or have happened, in those episodes.
  • Episode 1 : Closer Relationships
    Illustration: Love knows no Limits
  • Episode 2 : The Glade
    Illustration: The Picnic in the Glade
  • Episode 3 : Ceremony
  • Episode 4 : Good Clean Fun
  • Episode 5 : The Glade Revisited
  • Episode 6 : Truths
  • Supplement: The Mating Scene
  • Episode 7 : Games of Life and Love
  • Episode 8 : Becoming As One
  • A Chakat story. See also An Introduction To Chakats.
          Keywords:SF   Graphics
    Tales Of The Foxtaur Clans - AdultM: [Good]
    There has been a new addition to the Forest Tales family of stories. Introducing "Tales of the Foxtaur Clans", a series that will focus on the Foxtaurs of the Chakat Universe. Chakats may still cameo in these stories, but it will be the Foxtaurs who will be in the spotlight.
  • Tales Of The Foxtaur Clans 1 : Malena's Choice
  • Tales Of The Foxtaur Clans 2 : Ketta's Christmas
  • Tales Of The Foxtaur Clans 3 : Harvest Ceremony
  • Tales Of The Foxtaur Clans 4 : A Busy Day
  • A Chakat story. See also An Introduction To Chakats.

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