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   Author:J. L. Eddy

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Alias:P. H. "Brer" Foxxe
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Queen of Hearts - Adult
This is my first complete story, written in memory of my mother Connie who died in February of 1996. A young and idealistic Federal Marshal catches an arch criminal and is forced to rethink his true duty to society.
Part of the Tales of the Biorg Universe.
White Innocence
This story was written for the 1997 Albany Anthrocon booklet. A chance encounter between a married, middle-aged comic book dealer and a young arctic fox Biorg ends with the potential for passionate adultery -- or perhaps something more pleasurable still...
Part of the Tales of the Biorg Universe.
Tales of the Biorg Universe (with J. Scott Rogers) - Adult
These stories are part of an on-going work of character-based science fiction that we created in fits and starts beginning in the spring of 1996. The setting is a future Earth where mankind has stretched the boundaries of Genetics and created new sentient species from common Terrestrial animals. These Bioengineered Organisms, or "Biorgs", exist at different levels of anthropomorphism and are integrated into Terran society to varying degrees. Our future Terra is also space faring -- coexisting with extra-terrestrials (some resembling Terran mammals themselves) in bonds of commerce, curiosity or mutual distrust...

Psionics are known to exist among several of the extra-terrestrial races, but the ability is also shared by a very small percentage of Terrans, unbeknown to most of the population. They have formed private groups that "hide in plain sight" under the guise of new-age groups and think tanks to protect each other from public discovery and intervention from various shady government and private agencies which may or may not be watching.

Although the Universe's setting is not exactly new, we believe our approach to story writing is unique in its scope and execution. The stories range from vignettes to extensively planned, multifaceted, full-length novels.

The Tales:
Static Potentials
White Innocence
The Mad Season
Queen of Hearts
Memorial Day
What the Market will Bear
Static Potentials (with J. Scott Rogers) - AdultM: [Very Good]
This is the first novel project we've undertaken in "The Biorg Universe"; consisting of a collection of individual chapters bearing unique titles. They follow the fortunes of a rat Biorg physician Skorzy MacFarlaighn and his friend, an unusual fox Biorg named Pelig Hazel "Brer" Foxxe, during a tumultuous six month stretch of their lives. The overlying character theme is self-discovery and acceptance of one's personal strengths or flaws. The plot is primarily adventure/intrigue and serves to drive the development of the main and secondary characters.
  • Nocturnas Requiem
    Skorzy hits an animal while driving to a fishing excursion and discovers a potential he never knew he posessed.
  • The Path of Least Resistance
    Skorzy turns to his Psionic friend Brer, desperate for help with his condition. The vulpine is happy to help, but finds that Skorzy's sudden development of Psionics has resurrected ghosts he'd thought long since buried. Meanwhile, less friendly eyes are watching...

  • A Leap of Faith
  • Part 1
  • Part 2
    Brer swallows his own personal guilt about past events and undertakes the task of training his reluctant friend in the control of his abilities. However, freshly buried feelings are hard to keep quiet when dealing with Psionics. Skorzy looks forward to the return of his long-absent lover to Terra, and unveils a potential change in Brer's employment.

  • Zhytarii'khen
    Ea'Lurian starship pilot Sujian-kui' Aki finds her Lifefriend somewhat different upon her return to Terra, and their relationship takes an unexpected turn. Skorzy confides his new Psionic nature to his Ea'Lurian friends and his Human housemate Jeff, who's scientific nature is intrigued by the revelation.
  • A Lesson in Violence
    A night on the town turns violent and S'Aki realizes that being Lifemated to Skorzy is more of a challenge than she expected.
  • Part of the Tales of the Biorg Universe.

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