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Study Session - AdultM: [Good]
Erik and Colin meet for the first time while researching common interests in the library.
 Sequel:Auction Night
      Keywords:M/M   Slice of Life   Romance   Anal   Oral
 Species:Skunk   Raccoon
Backup:1 2 3
Auction Night - AdultM: [Good]
Colin lets himself be sold at an Auction, little knowing the surprise in store for him.
 Sequel:Feet First
      Keywords:M/M   M/F   Orgy   BD   Slice of Life   Anal   Oral
 Species:Raccoon   Skunk   Fox   Otter
Backup:1 2 3
Joining the CircleM: [OK]
A transformation piece, and the first furry bit I've written in months that didn't get at least an R rating...
      Keywords:Transformation   Adventure   NC
The Hyperion Works - AdultM: [Good]
This is what's turning into a series of stories that I'm really using to develop some characters. They started from a major work that's been on the go since grade school, really, and have passed through a variety of different personas before getting to what looks to be a novel-length piece. Unfortunately, I sent an unfinished copy of that work to a few trusted reviewers and a large chunk of it was declared toxic waste. So it's on the shelf for the moment. Right now, I'm focusing on building characters through a set of "sequels" to the original work, "Darkside". This selection includes fragments of "Darkside" as well as the sequel stories.

Darkside - Fragments

  • Flashback-Sara
    PG - sexual overtones
  • Ambushed
    R - violence
  • Discoveries
    R - explicit erotica
  • Hyperion - Sequels

    A Goodbye to Friends
          Keywords:Violence   M/M   M/F   Adventure   SF   Detective
    A Goodbye to Friends
    PG - no warning
    A Sequel to The Hyperion Works
    Tresa - Adult
    NC-17 - explicit sex
    A Sequel to The Hyperion Works
     Species:Fox   Cat
    Homecoming - AdultM: [OK]
    Miavir:Raven greets a returned friend.
    A Sequel to The Hyperion Works
     Species:Cat   Fox
    Backup:1 2
    Feet First - Adult
    Colin and Erik spend a little time exploring a new kink.
     Sequel:A Walk in the Park
          Keywords:M/M   Slice of Life   Anal   Foot   Oral
     Species:Skunk   Raccoon
    Backup:1 2 3
    Comfort - Adult
    Colin comforts his lover through racism in the workplace.
          Keywords:M/M   Slice of Life   Romance   Anal
     Species:Raccoon   Skunk
    Backup:1 2 3
    A Walk in the Park - Adult
    Colin and Erik go to the park to escape the stress of life for a while.
    Miavir:Am I the only one who keeps seeing a swishing squirrel tail (and hearing music :) the moment I see that title ? ;-)
          Keywords:M/M   Slice of Life   Anal   Oral   Public
     Species:Skunk   Raccoon
    Backup:1 2 3

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