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Ice on FireM: [Very Good]
Novel following the exploits of a Kzinti starship captain from birth to ... well, you'll see. This is set in the Starfleet Battles Universe (an off-shoot of the Original Star Trek series). These are not Larry Niven's Kzin, as these Kzin are more like 7-foot tall bi-pedal housecats than bi-pedal tigers.
  • Chapter 1 : The Tempest
    Firemane's birth - Rushwind's last battle
  • Chapter 2 : Homecomings
    Firemane's Ice Trek - Rushwind 'retires'
  • Chapter 3 : Endings
    Firemane leaves home - Rushwind 'wins' war
  • Chapter 4 : Beginnigs
    Firemane meets Rush - enters The Institute
  • Chapter 5 : The Institute
    Firemane & Bristlewind get to know each other
  • Chapter 6 : The Competition
    Firemane & Bristlewind REALLY get to know each other
  • Chapter 7 : Hell's Dungeon
    You don't want to know - trust me.
  • Chapter 8 : First Combat
    Firemane's first taste of battle
  • Chapter 9 : Mercy Mission
    The Kzin get involved with the Federation
  • Chapter 10 : Ice on Fire
    Firemane's first command
  • Chapter 11 : More than meets the Eye
    Lyrans, and monsters and more - oh, my!
  • Chapter 12 : Revenge
    But WHOSE revenge?
  •       Keywords:Star Fleet Battles   Humor
     Species:Cat   Ape
    Bio-Illogical WarfareG: [Good]
    Graven:Possibly the most bizarre Starfleet training cruise ever. Also up for longest extended joke on crewmen's names.
     Sequel:Clean Getaway
          Keywords:Star Fleet Battles   Military   NF   Humor
     Species:Ape   Ferret
     Prequel:Clean Getaway

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